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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Other Side of No-Man's-Land.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What year did Biscuit and Eskimo stop being friends?
(a) 1912.
(b) 1917.
(c) 1916.
(d) 1918.

2. What did the woman believe about Veronique?
(a) That she was hiding something from her.
(b) That Veronique thought she was crazy.
(c) That she was constantly talking to Eskimo.
(d) That Veronique was making up stories.

3. What is Bastoche's nickname?
(a) Angel.
(b) Eskimo.
(c) Six-Soux.
(d) Common Law.

4. Why does Pire tell Mathilde to stop searching for Tina?
(a) For her own sanity.
(b) To let the dead rest in peace.
(c) For her own safety.
(d) To save herself some money.

5. Why does Germain say he will find Poux for no extra cost?
(a) He knwos where he is hiding.
(b) He loves Mathilde.
(c) He wants to prove himself.
(d) He already was paid to find Poux.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Poux hear about Manech's body from another soldier?

2. How does Manech mark the occasion of his and Mathilde's engagement?

3. Who wrote the strangest of all of the letters?

4. Why wouldn't Manech's captain let him go home?

5. How did Elodie describe Benjamin's mood when he came home from the war on leave?

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