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Objective: Saturday Evening The students will be able to identify the factors necessary when writing in the past.

1) Possible Activities:

* Discuss the mechanics of writing (i.e. verb tenses, etc) which would be necessary to be familiar with in order to write in the past tense.
* Discuss what aspects an author must consider in order to make a past novel seem realistic to the reader. Are there aspects of society which would not be effected by a novel which takes place in the novel?
* Pair the students and assign each pair a different amount of time in the past (2 years, 20 years, 100 years, 600 years, etc..) Ask each pair to list specific events/daily living chores/etc... which might be significantly different than current society and why/how they will be different. Share with the class.

Assign the students to write a short story on a topic of...

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