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Paulo Coelho
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Short Answer Questions

1. Who laughs at Veronika in Chapter 13?

2. Which instrument does Veronika long to play?

3. Why was Paulo sent to the mental hospital when he was young?

4. How is Zedka woken up from her treatment?

5. Who placed a potion in the well in Zedka's story?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Veronika smack the leader of The Fraternity?

2. Why does Veronika decide to masturbate in front of Eduard?

3. Why were Eduard's parents happy when he started dating his first girlfriend?

4. Why does Veronika become angry with the computer game article?

5. Why does Zedka tell Veronika the story about the king and his subjects?

6. Why does Veronika fear the future?

7. What does Zedka's treatment consist of?

8. How does Veronika feel after she has masturbated?

9. Why did Dr. Igor use Veronika for his Vitriol experiment without telling her?

10. Why does Veronika change her mind about wanting to see her mother?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Dr. Igor is a character of morally ambiguous standards. His actions during the course of the story often contradict one another. Write an essay that explores the complexities of Dr. Igor. Is Dr. Igor a person of good or bad moral character? What are his opinions on experimentation? How important is for him to work on his thesis? Does he see the residents of Villete as people, or as test subjects? Does he ever feel bad about what he does to Veronika?

Essay Topic 2

In the beginning of Veronika Decides to Die, the protagonist, Veronika, decides that she does not love her mother. In fact, she hates her mother. But as Veronika undergoes her transformation, her opinions of her mother transform too. Write an essay that explains the role family plays within the context of the story. What does Veronika think of her family? Why does she hate her mother when she first comes to Villete? Why does her opinion of her mother change? What prompts this change?

Essay Topic 3

Friendship is a theme central to the characters in Veronika Decides to Die. Without friends, Veronika would have been alone during her time at Villete. Write an essay that explores the theme of friendship within the context of the story. Who are the protagonist's friends? How do they help her through her journey while at Villete? What do Veronika's friends think of her? Do they enjoy being around her? What does she mean to them?

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