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Paulo Coelho
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Veronika not want getting used to her playing music?
(a) Zedka.
(b) Eduard.
(c) The nurses.
(d) Dr. Igor.

2. Does Eduard enjoy Veronika's music?
(a) No.
(b) Only sometimes.
(c) Veronika never plays music.
(d) Yes.

3. Why does Veronika feel she needs to reward Eduard?
(a) Because he gave her please and was not repulsed by it.
(b) Because he is a good listener.
(c) Because he secretly loves her.
(d) Because he did not tell Mari about their sexual encounter.

4. What does Mari wear while walking in the garden?
(a) A light coat.
(b) A sweater.
(c) A heavy jacket.
(d) A flannel night gown.

5. Which type of flower does the speaker tell his listeners to concentrate on?
(a) A carnation.
(b) A rose.
(c) A daisy.
(d) A daffodil.

6. Why did Eduard always refuse to bring his friends to dinner?
(a) They were not interested in dinner with parents.
(b) Eduard had no friends while growing up.
(c) They were boring and rude people.
(d) They had nothing to talk about.

7. Does Eduard understand Veronika's desires?
(a) Veronika has no desires.
(b) Yes.
(c) No.
(d) Maybe.

8. How does Veronika feel after she has masturbated?
(a) Lonely.
(b) Bored.
(c) Peaceful.
(d) Confused.

9. Why does Veronika want to have sex with Eduard?
(a) Because she begins to fall in love with him.
(b) Because Eduard looks at her like a woman.
(c) Because she wants to experience the forbidden pleasures of life.
(d) Because Zedka told her to.

10. Why does Eduard follow Veronika to the entrance of the woman's ward?
(a) He wants to tell her his secrets.
(b) He wants her to play more music.
(c) He wants to have sex with her.
(d) He wants to eat breakfast.

11. What does Veronika call herself in Chapter 20?
(a) A sadist.
(b) A seducer.
(c) A magician.
(d) A pervert.

12. Why does Veronika take her clothes off?
(a) She is about to take a bath.
(b) She wants to have sex.
(c) She is too warm.
(d) She wants to go swimming.

13. How old is Eduard in his flashback?
(a) 17.
(b) 22.
(c) 15.
(d) 20.

14. Did Mari's husband help her before she was sent to Villete?
(a) Only sometimes.
(b) No.
(c) Mari is not married.
(d) Yes.

15. How many years of Mari's life were spent working?
(a) 30.
(b) 20.
(c) 50.
(d) 40.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of poison does Dr. Igor suspect Veronika to be suffering from?

2. How does Veronika react to finding out a third person is in the room?

3. Did Eduard's parents support his art aspirations in his flashback?

4. What date is on the photograph Veronika finds?

5. Why does Veronika stop playing music at the beginning of Chapter 19?

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