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Paulo Coelho
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which name did Paulo Coelho consider switching Veronika's name with?
(a) Xin.
(b) Bellona.
(c) Angela.
(d) Blaska.

2. Why does Veronika decide to not leave the asylum alive?
(a) Because she is bored and wants to be dramatic.
(b) Because she already knows the outcome of her life.
(c) Because she is unsure of the future.
(d) Because she is angry at her parents.

3. What was Paulo's second promise to himself?
(a) To never turn back once he flees the country.
(b) To never talk about his time in the mental hospital while his parents live.
(c) To never get married and never have children.
(d) To never tells his parents how he felt about them.

4. How does Paulo feel about Veronika's suicide note?
(a) He is jealous of her writing.
(b) He dislikes it.
(c) He is neutral toward it.
(d) He finds it amusing.

5. What does Veronika ask of Zedka?
(a) Clothes.
(b) Pills.
(c) Food.
(d) Water.

6. What is wrong with Veronika?
(a) Nothing is wrong with Veronika.
(b) Her brain will stop functioning soon.
(c) Her heart will stop beating soon.
(d) Her liver will stop functioning soon.

7. What year did Paulo's mother die?
(a) 1993.
(b) 1955.
(c) 1985.
(d) 1997.

8. Who laughs at Veronika in Chapter 13?
(a) Doctors.
(b) Patients.
(c) Nurses.
(d) Nuns.

9. Why does Veronika refuse to see outside visitors?
(a) She is selfish.
(b) She is too busy playing music.
(c) She hates goodbyes.
(d) She is afraid she will not want to die.

10. Who is attracted to Veronika's music?
(a) Dr. Igor.
(b) Eduard.
(c) Paulo.
(d) Zedka.

11. What happens after Veronika's health scare?
(a) She is injected with a sedative.
(b) She is fed soft foods.
(c) She is led to her mother.
(d) She is let outside into the garden.

12. Why could Zedka never be with her love?
(a) He was married.
(b) He was not interested in her.
(c) He was in love with someone else.
(d) He did not know who Zedka was.

13. Which character was drafted into the army?
(a) Zedka's father.
(b) Zedka's uncle.
(c) Zedka's brother.
(d) Zedka's husband.

14. Which city was Paulo's mental hospital in?
(a) Salvador.
(b) Rio de Janeiro.
(c) São Paulo.
(d) Campinas.

15. What does Zedka invite Veronika to do?
(a) Watch her treatment.
(b) Speak to the Fraternity.
(c) Eat lunch with her.
(d) Go shopping together,

Short Answer Questions

1. Which city does Veronika live in?

2. How old is Eduard?

3. What type of travel does Zedka experience in Chapter 9?

4. Does Zedka know of Veronika's fate?

5. Why does Veronika write a letter?

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