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Paulo Coelho
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is wrong with Zedka?
(a) She has a panic disorder.
(b) She is chronically depressed.
(c) She is bipolar.
(d) She is schizophrenic.

2. Which character believes Villete is easily escaped?
(a) Veronika.
(b) Zedka.
(c) Eduard.
(d) Mari.

3. When Veronika looks into herself, does she like what she sees?
(a) A little.
(b) No.
(c) Veronika does not reflect upon herself.
(d) Yes.

4. What does Dr. Igor think of dreams?
(a) Only children dream.
(b) No one truly dreams, it is a figment of the imagination.
(c) Dreams are the gateway to sin and are therefore bad.
(d) If dreams aren't realized they release energy in the body.

5. How long does Veronika have left to live in Chapter 20?
(a) 48 hours.
(b) 10 hours.
(c) 15 hours.
(d) 24 hours.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do the two male nurses drag Eduard from the library?

2. Why does Veronika decide to not leave the asylum alive?

3. Does Veronika agree with the speakers lesson?

4. What does Veronika call herself in Chapter 20?

5. How long does Veronika have to live?

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