Daily Lessons for Teaching Veronika Decides to Die

Paulo Coelho
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1 and 2)


Veronika Decides to Die opens with the protagonist, Veronika, contemplating suicide. She is unhappy with life, and she feels that her time has finally come. She takes sleeping pills and begins to read an article about a computer game while she wants for them to kick in. She becomes angry at the article and decides to write the publication a letter. The objective of this lesson is to analyze characteristics of the protagonist at the opening of the story.


1) Class Discussion: What is a protagonist? Why is Veronika one? What type of person is Veronika? Is she kind, lively, old or young? How does the reader know this? Is she typically someone who gets impatient or annoyed with questions like the one in the computer article? Are her reasons for getting annoyed justified?

2) Groups: Continue to discuss characteristics of the protagonist. What is known about...

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