Veronika Decides to Die Fun Activities

Paulo Coelho
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Computer Game Article

Break into groups. Create a computer magazine similar to the one Veronika reads. Use a word processing program along with materials around the classroom to complete this assignment.

A Suicide Note

Recreate Veronika's suicide note. Use descriptions of the book to help you replicate her note as accurately as possible.


Draw a blueprint of Villete as it is described in the book. Have everyone compare their drawings. The most interesting and unique sketch wins.

Imagined Life

Create a storyboard of Veronika's life as she imagines it when she first arrives at Villete. Share your completed storyboard with the class.

One week to Live

Create a list of the things you would most like to do if you only had one week to live. Discuss your list with the class.

Forbidden Love

Write a poem from Zedka's perspective to her great forbidden love. Convey all...

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