Veronika Decides to Die Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Paulo Coelho
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Chapters 1 and 2

• Veronika, the protagonist, takes a large dose of sleeping pills.

• Veronika contemplates her reasons for wanting to die.

• To pass the time before her death, Veronika reads an article on a computer game.
• Veronika writes an angry letter to the magazine in which she read the article.

• Veronika realizes the letter will be seen as a suicide note.

• Veronika reaffirms to herself that God does not exist.
• Veronika wakes up in Villete.

• A woman in Villete tells Veronika a story about a female relative who rebels against her circumstances.

• The woman is revealed to be a nurse.

• The nurse injects Veronika with a sedative.

Chapter 3

• The narrative changes to that of Paulo Coelho, the author.

• The author speaks of learning about Veronika's attempted suicide.

• The author mentions how Veronika, Villete's head physician, was angered by how the other Veronika was treated.
• The author continues to explain...

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