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D.B.C. Pierre
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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Taylor Figueroa call Vernon when he gives her a call from Acapulco?

2. What of the following magazines does Vernon read for the last time?

3. What is the color of Taylor's eyes?

4. Who visits Vernon in prison?

5. What was the profession of Taylor's ex-boyfriend?

Short Essay Questions

1. How has Taylor's life changed since Vernon's trial?

2. Describe the execution.

3. What does Lasalle say about God in Chapter 24?

4. What telephone calls does Vernon make on the day of his execution?

5. Why does Vernon think the village looks like something out of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC?

6. What does A=DT2 mean?

7. What does Vernon tell Taylor on the phone?

8. How does Lally want to change public executions?

9. What does Vernon's mom tell him on the phone in Chapter 25?

10. How does Vernon react to his sentence?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Choose one of the following and discuss how it affects the tone of the book and helps to express character and theme:

1. Setting

2. Point of view

3. Structure

4. Language

Essay Topic 2

What are the arguments for and against the death penalty? What are Pierre's opinions on the death penalty and how does he express them? Do you agree or disagree with Pierre?

Essay Topic 3

Why are a person's teenage years supposed to be so difficult? How much was Jesus' reaction to the bullying because of his sensitive age? In what way does Vernon's young age become a joke in the novel?

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