Objects & Places from Vernon God Little

D.B.C. Pierre
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Acapulco, Mexico - This is the Pacific coast resort city in Mexico where Vernon's truck driving host, Pelayo, unloads cargo before heading northward to his tiny seaside village.

Antisocial Personality (ASP) Disorders - These sufferers thrive on instant gratification, are facile manipulators, and are oblivious to others' rights and needs. They are commonly called psychopaths, and manifestations include murder.

Bar-B-Chew Barn - The restaurant becomes a sponsor of Lally's plan for a multimedia project sharing Martirio's experience in dealing with tragedy with the rest of the world. Bought out by him, it expands into a statewide chain.

Ellis Prison - Lally redesigns it to suit his reality television series to allow everything, including the execution in the so-called Events Suite to occur in-house.

Keeter's Field - This is where boys first experience guns, sex, and beer.

Martirio, TX - Once the second-toughest town in central Texas, it...

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