Vernon God Little Character Descriptions

D.B.C. Pierre
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Vernon Gregory Little (Vern) - He describes himself as having puppy dog features. Vernon seems bored by what the school system feeds students, but is intelligent, perceptive, and expressive, and works hard to learn the ways of the world. Much of his outlook is drawn from TV-movies, where truth always wins in the end.

Doris Eleanor Little - Her catch phrase is "Are you all right?" She has four overweight friends who talk about diets, overeat, and help her keep watch for the new side-by-side refrigerator she has ordered.

Eulalio Ledesma (Lally / Lalito / Lalo) - He is a crumpled, thirty-something phony that looks like Ricardo Montalban of FANTASY ISLAND and poses as a reporter for CNN. He says he covers how the community copes with tragedy.

Jesus Navarro - Once a happy bike riding and tin can-shooting companion, he has lately grown troubled and demands respect. Unfortunately...

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