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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Mrs. Hendred react when she sees the striking woman in Chapter 18?
(a) She gets excited.
(b) She laughs.
(c) She becomes upset.
(d) She gasps.

2. Where does Venetia go following her visit with her uncle in Chapter 15?
(a) To the Priory.
(b) To say goodbye to Aubrey.
(c) To her room.
(d) To buy supplies in the village.

3. How does Aubrey respond when Mrs. Scorrier picks fights with him?
(a) He politely agrees with her.
(b) He storms out of the house.
(c) He retreats to his bedroom.
(d) He is more than happy to fight back.

4. What does the striking woman that Venetia sees in Chapter 18 do to Venetia?
(a) She blushes.
(b) She waves at her.
(c) She frowns.
(d) She grins.

5. Why does Venetia visit a neighbor in Chapter 15?
(a) To barter for flour.
(b) The neighbor's child broke a bone.
(c) The neighbor owes the Undershaw Estate taxes.
(d) To borrow a carriage.

6. How does Damerel react to the news that Venetia plans to set up a house for herself?
(a) He offers to help her find a property.
(b) He applauds her for it.
(c) He laughs at her naivete.
(d) He tells her she must not.

7. According to Mrs. Hendred, why must Venetia not meet with the striking woman in Chapter 18?
(a) It would upset Damerel.
(b) It could be dangerous.
(c) It will only cause heart break.
(d) It will ruin her reputation.

8. Where do Sir John and Lady Denny send Oswald?
(a) To a monastery.
(b) To stay with his Uncle.
(c) On a holiday to France.
(d) To a university.

9. How is Charlotte's demeanor described to the reader?
(a) As bold and brash.
(b) As pleasant, but scared.
(c) As snooty and dull.
(d) As demure yet confident.

10. Why do Sir John and Lady Denny send Oswald away?
(a) The villagers gossip about him.
(b) They are worried about his behavior.
(c) He threatens to harm Damerel.
(d) He requests an adventure.

11. What does Mrs. Hendred think will change Venetia's mind about Yardley?
(a) A show of intelligence.
(b) A show of ambition.
(c) A show of money.
(d) A show of sensitivity.

12. What had Venetia longed to do as a little girl?
(a) Learn how to play violin.
(b) Attend a ball.
(c) Stay in London.
(d) Keep a horse.

13. How does Venetia feel when she is busy in Chapter 16?
(a) Distracted.
(b) Almost content.
(c) Burdened.
(d) Like she is wasting her time.

14. Why does Lady Steeple breakdown in front of Venetia in Chapter 19?
(a) She is saddened to hear her favorite dog died.
(b) She is sad her past is affecting Venetia's marriage prospects.
(c) She is upset that she is old enough to have a grown-up daughter.
(d) She feels guilty for abandoning her children.

15. What does Mrs. Hendred think about Yardley as possible husband for Venetia?
(a) She approves of and encourages him.
(b) She disapproves of his arrogance.
(c) She suspects he is penniless.
(d) She likes him. but doesn't think he's a good match for Venetia.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Sir Lambert?

2. What does Venetia try to come up with a plan to do in Chapter 18?

3. Why is Venetia unable to sleep during her London trip in Chapter 16?

4. What does Venetia tell her aunt at the end of Chapter 19?

5. According to Venetia, what does she have a time limit to do in Chapter 18?

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