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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Eight.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is one of the things Aubrey and Damerel discussed while Venetia was away?
(a) Aubrey's father's hunting skills.
(b) Damerel's last love affair.
(c) Mrs. Priddy's dislike for Damerel.
(d) The latest operas in London.

2. Who is the author of "Venetia"?
(a) Victoria Holt.
(b) Jane Austen.
(c) Georgette Heyer.
(d) Anya Seton.

3. Who does Venetia think would be jealous of Damerel?
(a) Yardley.
(b) Her father.
(c) Oswald.
(d) Aubrey.

4. What is the name of Venetia's nurse?
(a) Mrs. Portly.
(b) Mrs. Penny.
(c) Mrs. Putney.
(d) Mrs. Priddy.

5. What does Venetia refuse to change her behavior just to avoid?
(a) Gossip.
(b) Loneliness.
(c) Ridicule.
(d) Angering others.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Yardley convinced of in Chapter 1?

2. On their first meeting, what does Yardley decide Damerel must know?

3. What does Yardley refer to as of "particular delicacy."

4. What does Venetia bring with her to the Priory in Chapter 5?

5. What does Venetia intend to make with what she picks in Chapter 2?

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