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Jude Deveraux
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Alyx beg Raine not to do at the fair?
(a) Forgive Roger.
(b) Kill Roger.
(c) Leave her alone.
(d) Return to the camp.

2. Why does Roger's brother want to fight him?
(a) To avenge Mary.
(b) To avenge Bronwyn.
(c) Roger has tried to take away his land and inheritance.
(d) Roger has stolen a small fortune from him.

3. When Alyx went to the king, how did it make Raine feel?
(a) It hurt his pride.
(b) He was confused.
(c) It made him feel love.
(d) It made him feel jealous.

4. Where does Alyx volunteer while staying with Judith?
(a) At the church.
(b) At a music hall.
(c) At a shelter.
(d) At a hospital.

5. What does Raine do when he and Alyx finally reunite?
(a) Raine yells at Alyx.
(b) Raine cries.
(c) Raine slaps Alyx violently.
(d) Raine kisses Alyx passionately.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the crowd act when it is time for Alyx's execution?

2. Who does Alyx meet at a rich lord's wedding?

3. Who does Alyx defend in front of Roger at the fair?

4. Who was dressed up as a guard at the execution?

5. What does Alyx not like about the large group of people at the fair?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who pulls Alyx out of the crowd at the fair and why does he do this?

2. Who does Alyx meet at the wedding and what does Alyx think of this person?

3. What does Pagnell do to Alyx at the wedding?

4. What happens during the fight between Roger and Raine?

5. What does Gavin and Judith ask Alyx to do to bring Raine back home for good?

6. What does Alyx discover after leaving the camp, and what is her reaction this news?

7. What news does Alyx learn of the Montgomerys?

8. Why does Roger Chatworth visit the camp?

9. What sort of reception does Alyx receive when she returns to the camp?

10. Why does the king agree to pardon Raine?

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