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Jude Deveraux
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Alyx feel about the first task Raine assigns her?
(a) Alyx is nervous.
(b) Alyx is curious.
(c) Alyx is excited.
(d) Alyx is resistant.

2. Who do Joss and Alyx say goodbye to before they leave the camp?
(a) Rosamund.
(b) Anne.
(c) Raine.
(d) Blanche.

3. Who is Judith?
(a) Raine's cousin.
(b) Raine's old flame.
(c) Raine's sister-in-law.
(d) Raine's sister.

4. Why does Alyx refuse to meet Blanche's demand after horse riding?
(a) Alyx has too many other things to attend to.
(b) Alyx dislikes the tone that Blanche uses.
(c) Alyx is too tired to do any more work.
(d) Alyx considers Blanche to be a lower class than she.

5. Why did Joss kill Lord Edmund?
(a) Lord Edmund told Joss's lover that Joss was dead.
(b) In self-defence.
(c) Lord Edmund killed Joss's father.
(d) Lord Edmund threatened to kidnap his love.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Alyx live with at the beginning of the novel?

2. Who does Alyx beg Raine to go to after they read the letter?

3. Why has Alyx gained many enemies at the camp?

4. What does Alyx do quickly before Raine returns to the tent?

5. What does Anne beg Raine to do?

Short Essay Questions

1. What lies does Alyx tell Raine to make the adulterous situation more believable?

2. What do Joss, Rosamund, and Alyx do while Raine battles his injuries?

3. What does Raine admit to Joss when he awakes from his feverish state? What does Joss admit to Raine?

4. What do the group at the camp accuse Alyx of?

5. What does Pagnell's servant tell Alyx she must do so no one will recognize her?

6. Why does Raine decide to continue with the lie of Alyx being a man even though he knows that Alyx is actual a woman?

7. How does Raine react when he finds Joss and Alyx in bed together?

8. After hearing Alyx's reason for pouring water on Joss, how does Raine react?

9. What does Pagnell do after Alyx gets away from him and his men on horseback?

10. How does Alyx react when she finds out that Raine is aware that she is a woman?

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