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Jude Deveraux
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Alyx pour over Joss?
(a) A bucket of ice cold water.
(b) A bucket of fish heads.
(c) A bucket of scalding water.
(d) A bucket of worms.

2. What does Alyx think of Raine's physical appearance?
(a) He is tall and muscular.
(b) He is repulsive.
(c) He is sickly looking.
(d) He is handsome.

3. What does Raine learn of his sister Mary in an urgent letter?
(a) Mary is dead.
(b) Mary is marrying.
(c) Mary is gravely ill.
(d) Mary has been sold.

4. How does Raine describe Mary?
(a) Selfless, kind, and caring.
(b) Sad, lonely, and sickly.
(c) Selfish and conniving.
(d) Carefree and vibrant.

5. What year is the novel set in?
(a) 1527.
(b) 1502.
(c) 1550.
(d) 1485.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Alyx react when Raine complains about her singing in Chapter 5?

2. Who is Anne?

3. What does Alyx tell Raine that is a lie to keep him from danger?

4. What does Alyx feel she cannot ask Raine to do for her in Chapter 11?

5. Who does Raine ask for while in a deep sleep?

Short Essay Questions

1. After hearing Alyx's reason for pouring water on Joss, how does Raine react?

2. Why is Alyx horrified to find out that she will be Raine's servant?

3. What does Raine admit to Joss when he awakes from his feverish state? What does Joss admit to Raine?

4. Why is Alyx worried about leaving the camp with Raine?

5. How has Alyx gained enemies at the camp?

6. How does Alyx try to stop Raine from killing Roger?

7. What happens when Raine tries to help steady Alyx after she stumbles off a horse?

8. What is the first task that Raine assigns to Alyx?

9. What plan does Joss and Alyx come up with to stop Raine from leaving the camp?

10. How does Alyx react when she finds out that Raine is aware that she is a woman?

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