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Jude Deveraux
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Roger Chatworth tell Alyx he is when they first meet?
(a) One of Raine's men.
(b) Raine's brother.
(c) A friend of Judith's family.
(d) A salesman.

2. How does Pagnell plan to collect the ransom for both Raine and Alyx?
(a) Pagnell plans to trick both Raine and Alyx into coming forth to save each other.
(b) Pagnell plans to pretend that Miles is Raine and hand in Alyx and Miles.
(c) Pagnell plans to kidnap Alyx and wait for Raine to save her.
(d) Pagnell will accept an equal amount paid from Alyx and Raine.

3. What is King Henry grieving?
(a) His wife's death.
(b) His son's death.
(c) His advisor's death.
(d) His daughter's death.

4. Who does Alyx meet at a rich lord's wedding?
(a) Joss' old boss.
(b) Roger's sister.
(c) Raine.
(d) An old friend from her village.

5. What do Gavin and Judith ask Alyx to do for Raine?
(a) Return to the camp.
(b) Ask the king to pardon Raine.
(c) Beg Raine for forgiveness.
(d) Forgive Raine.

6. How do the outlaws feel when Alyx leaves the camp?
(a) Indifferent.
(b) Sad.
(c) Happy.
(d) Confused.

7. What does Alyx not like about the large group of people at the fair?
(a) Alyx doesn't like their shifty eyes.
(b) Alyx doesn't like their smell.
(c) Alyx doesn't like to be closed in by them.
(d) Alyx doesn't like that they are so low class.

8. What does Judith try to explain to Alyx after the fair?
(a) Why Roger approached her.
(b) Why the family feud is so out of hand.
(c) Why she and Raine get along so well.
(d) Why Raine is so mysterious.

9. Who does this laughing visitor take an instant liking to?
(a) Blanche.
(b) Alyx.
(c) Rosamund.
(d) Joss.

10. After riding for two hours, where do Joss and Alyx arrive?
(a) Alyx's village.
(b) A monastery.
(c) The camp.
(d) A small cottage in the forest.

11. What does the king request of Alyx in return for granting her favor?
(a) To remain at his palace for a week.
(b) To become his nurse until he finds someone permanent.
(c) To allow her portrait to be painted.
(d) To become his mistress until he finds a wife.

12. What does Elizabeth do to Pagnell when he kisses her?
(a) Elizabeth kicks and punches Pagnell.
(b) Elizabeth faints.
(c) Elizabeth stabs Pagnell.
(d) Elizabeth tries to have him arrested.

13. Why does Alyx berate Raine in Chapter 20?
(a) For acting selfish.
(b) For lying to her.
(c) For being judgmental.
(d) For being so pigheaded.

14. What does Raine do when he and Alyx finally reunite?
(a) Raine slaps Alyx violently.
(b) Raine cries.
(c) Raine kisses Alyx passionately.
(d) Raine yells at Alyx.

15. What is the only thing that can soothe the king?
(a) Food.
(b) Dancing.
(c) Music.
(d) Fresh air.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who married Bronwyn?

2. What is the name of Alyx's and Raine's newborn?

3. What does Alyx accuse Roger of at the fair?

4. What does Alyx beg Raine not to do at the fair?

5. What does King Henry ignore?

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