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Jude Deveraux
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Alyx agree to go with Pagnell when they see each other at the wedding?
(a) Alyx agrees so that Joss will not be harmed.
(b) Alyx agrees because Pagnell offers to bring Raine to her.
(c) Alyx agrees because she has nowhere else to go.
(d) Alyx desires the money which he offers her.

2. Due to her happiness, what has Alyx forgotten to warn Raine about?
(a) Her pregnancy.
(b) A disturbing premonition she had.
(c) Pagnell's plan to kill Raine.
(d) The situation with Miles and Elizabeth.

3. What does Alyx see in Raine's eyes when she finally sees him again in the forest?
(a) Jealousy.
(b) Love.
(c) Anger.
(d) Frustration.

4. What has Alyx lost as a result of the execution drama?
(a) Her mother's locket.
(b) Her peace of mind.
(c) Her voice.
(d) Her baby.

5. What does Raine instruct Joss to do at the execution scene?
(a) Cut Alyx free.
(b) Give Alyx a knife.
(c) Burn the estate down.
(d) Kill Pagnell.

6. Who arrives at the camp to accept Raine's challenge?
(a) Pagnell.
(b) Stephan.
(c) Brian Chatworth.
(d) Roger Chatworth.

7. How does Alyx feel while waiting outside of the king's chambers?
(a) Nauseous.
(b) Intimidated.
(c) Excited.
(d) Nervous.

8. How long does it take Raine to recover from Brian's attack on him?
(a) Ten days.
(b) Two weeks.
(c) Four days.
(d) One week.

9. How do the outlaws feel when Alyx leaves the camp?
(a) Sad.
(b) Happy.
(c) Indifferent.
(d) Confused.

10. What do Joss and Alyx look for work as?
(a) Teachers.
(b) Traveling musicians.
(c) Bar staff.
(d) Cooks.

11. What does Raine pull Alyx closer to watch at the fair?
(a) A fight.
(b) A sporting event.
(c) Women bargaining.
(d) A performance.

12. What does Brian do to Raine?
(a) Stabs him.
(b) Ties him up.
(c) Poisons him.
(d) Tries to drown him.

13. What does Alyx accuse Roger of at the fair?
(a) Killing her father.
(b) Killing Mary.
(c) Sending Raine into exile.
(d) Impregnating Judith.

14. What does King Henry ignore?
(a) Raine's apology.
(b) A serious illness sweeping England.
(c) Petitions from the Montgomerys.
(d) A warrant for Alyx's arrest.

15. What does the King demand that Raine do?
(a) Return to his court.
(b) Stay with his wife and their baby.
(c) Pay him a hefty fine.
(d) Disband his gang of outlaws.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Rosamund yell from the crowd of spectators at the scene of the execution?

2. When Alyx went to the king, how did it make Raine feel?

3. Who dies in Alyx's arms after the challenge match?

4. Where does Alyx send Catherine until Christmas?

5. What does Alyx not like about the large group of people at the fair?

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