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Jude Deveraux
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What family is Raine's family feuding with?
(a) The Chatworths.
(b) The Montgomerys.
(c) The Blacketts.
(d) The Laings.

2. What does Raine admit to Joss after Raine wakes up from his illness?
(a) Raine admits that he knows that Alyx is a woman.
(b) Raine admits that he can not read or write.
(c) Raine admits that he was not actually sick.
(d) Raine admits that he wants Alyx to stay at the camp.

3. Who tells Alyx that she must go into hiding after she is declared a wanted criminal?
(a) The priest.
(b) Pagnell's servant.
(c) Alyx's friend.
(d) A fortune teller.

4. While training Alyx, what is Raine shocked by?
(a) How strong she is.
(b) How reckless she is.
(c) How weak she is.
(d) How lazy she is.

5. How does Alyx disguise herself when she goes into hiding?
(a) She dresses in rags.
(b) She dresses as a fortune teller.
(c) She dresses in boy's clothes and cuts her hair.
(d) She dyes her hair with herbs.

6. Who is Anne?
(a) A wench.
(b) A traveling musician.
(c) Raine's cousin.
(d) A woman of noble birth.

7. What does Alyx think of this plan?
(a) Alyx is excited.
(b) Alyx is hesitant.
(c) Alyx is unconvinced.
(d) Alyx is indifferent.

8. Who gives Alyx an instrument when she is ten?
(a) A relative.
(b) A royal guard.
(c) A traveling troubadour.
(d) A priest.

9. Who do Joss and Alyx say goodbye to before they leave the camp?
(a) Anne.
(b) Rosamund.
(c) Raine.
(d) Blanche.

10. Who attacks Raine after he kisses Anne?
(a) A guard.
(b) Joss.
(c) A drunkard.
(d) Pagnell.

11. What happens to the man who attacks Raine?
(a) The man is forgiven.
(b) Raine kills him.
(c) The man runs into the forest.
(d) Raine arrests him.

12. What does Alyx pour over Joss?
(a) A bucket of worms.
(b) A bucket of fish heads.
(c) A bucket of ice cold water.
(d) A bucket of scalding water.

13. Why has Alyx gained many enemies at the camp?
(a) Alyx ignores the camp members.
(b) Alyx steals their belongings.
(c) Alyx is disrespectful towards them.
(d) Alyx is related to the camp's enemy.

14. What does Alyx do while Raine bathes?
(a) Bathes.
(b) Waits in the forest.
(c) Pretends to sleep.
(d) Cleans his clothes.

15. How does Alyx react when Raine tells her that they need to bathe?
(a) Alyx becomes insulted.
(b) Alyx becomes embarassed.
(c) Alyx becomes worried.
(d) Alyx becomes intrigued.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Raine sympathize with Alyx while they train?

2. What do the camp members do when Alyx tries to make peace with them?

3. What do the intruders do after Alyx escapes?

4. How does Alyx feel when she learns she will be a servant to Raine?

5. What has king Henry declared Raine?

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