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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the vauxhall?
(a) The Royal Gardens.
(b) The Royal Library.
(c) The Royal Estate.
(d) The Royal Guesthouse.

2. Why does William Dobbin get angry at John Osborne when Osborne is making a speech to William Dobbin?
(a) Because John Osborne slaps William Dobbin.
(b) Because John Osborne insults William Dobbin.
(c) Because John Osborne insults Amelia Sedley.
(d) Because John Osborne insults George Osborne.

3. Where does Mr. Bullock take the Osborne sisters to?
(a) A dance show.
(b) A flower show.
(c) A singing show.
(d) A game show.

4. What does William Dobbin tell George Osborne that softens his heart towards Amelia Sedley?
(a) That Amelia Sedley is dying.
(b) That Amelia Seldley is going to marry someone else.
(c) That Amelia Sedley is going to kill herself.
(d) That Amelia Sedley is dead.

5. Who takes over as a health advisory and pharmacist for Matilda Crawley?
(a) Lady Southdown.
(b) Becky Sharp.
(c) Amelia Sedley.
(d) Lady Jane Sheepshanks.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is true in the relationship between Sir Pitt and his brother?

2. Who runs all the affairs of Queens Crawley?

3. What is the scene in Belgium when the characters reach?

4. When the characters head to Belgium by sea, which of them gets seasick?

5. Who is the little boy with Corporal Clink at the park?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Becky Sharp up to in chapter 29 to raise her social status?

2. What is the decision Amelia Sedley takes as seen in chapter 50?

3. Why does Matilda Crawley write a nasty letter to Becky Sharp?

4. What insight does the narrator give into the Crawley family?

5. What is the relationship between Becky Sharp and Lord Steyne?

6. What is true of Amelia Sedley's social growth as seen in chapter 60?

7. Why does Lady Steyne have tears in her eyes as seen in chapter 49?

8. What is true of George Osborne's character, as seen in chapter 28?

9. Why does Amelia Sedley scream at Becky Sharp when both see each other?

10. What is the author trying to tell the readers through chapter 22?

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