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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What aspect of George Osborne's character is revealed in chapter six?
(a) He is very kind.
(b) He cannot be trusted.
(c) He is very trustworthy.
(d) He is very generous.

2. Who is Horrocks?
(a) A butler.
(b) A gardener.
(c) A cook.
(d) A sentry.

3. What does William Dobbin encourage Amelia Sedley and George Osborne to do?
(a) To get married right away.
(b) To buy a home.
(c) To elope.
(d) To invest in a piece of land.

4. What does the narrator reveal about Amelia Sedley's feelings towards William Dobbin in the beginning of chapter 25?
(a) That she is madly in love with him too.
(b) That she finds him very arrogant.
(c) That she does not like him much.
(d) That she is attracted to him.

5. When the characters head to Belgium by sea, which of them gets seasick?
(a) William Dobbin.
(b) George Osborne.
(c) Amelia Sedley.
(d) Joseph Sedley.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Miss Briggs?

2. At Matilda Crawley's house, who becomes the household matriarch?

3. Who is Jane?

4. What does John Osborne do when at the study room?

5. Who is Miss Pinkerton?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the author show instances of greed and selfishness in chapter 23?

2. How does Rawdon Crawley feel when his son is sent away to boarding school?

3. What is true of Becky Sharp from chapter 51?

4. What is the conversation between Pitt and Becky Sharp as seen in chapter 55?

5. What are the events that take place in chapter 40?

6. What else do we get to know about the character of Becky Sharp when she visits the Sedleys?

7. Why do the women at the military party get jealous of Amelia Sedley?

8. Why does Becky Sharp marry Rawdon Crawley even though she does not like him?

9. What is the setting of the novel and what idea do we get about the characters of Becky Sharp and Amelia Sedley as seen in chapter one?

10. What is true of Amelia Sedley's social growth as seen in chapter 60?

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