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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is true of Rawdon Crawley and Becky Sharp's relationship with each other?
(a) Both love each other a lot.
(b) Becky Sharp makes fun of her husband openly.
(c) Rawdon Crawley makes fun of his wife openly.
(d) Both hate each other a lot.

2. Who is Amelia Sedley's escort in Belgium?
(a) Becky Sharp.
(b) Major O'Dowd.
(c) Mrs.O'Dowd.
(d) William Dobbin.

3. Who meet in the park where Becky Sharp and Rawdon Crawley are riding?
(a) The Crawleys and William Dobbin.
(b) The Osbornes and Amelia Sedley.
(c) The Osbornes and the Crawleys.
(d) The Osbornes and William Dobbin.

4. Who is Corporal Clink?
(a) Joseph Sedley's old war friend.
(b) William Dobbin's old war friend.
(c) Rawdon Crawley's old war friend.
(d) George Osborne's old war friend.

5. Why does Becky Sharp come to the Crawley residence?
(a) To be a maid.
(b) To be a cook.
(c) To be a governess.
(d) To be a teacher.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Rawdon Crawley is leaving for the war, what is Becky Sharp busy thinking about?

2. Whom does Matilda hate?

3. Who does not march for the war as seen in chapter 30?

4. What does the narrator reveal about Amelia Sedley's feelings towards William Dobbin in the beginning of chapter 25?

5. Who is James?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is true of George Osborne's character, as seen in chapter 28?

2. How is selfishness depicted through the characters in chapter 30?

3. Why is John Osborne so cold to Amelia Sedley?

4. Why is William Dobbin called "figs"?

5. Why does Amelia Sedley become such a frustrated a character, as seen in chapter 26?

6. What aspect of Amelia Sedley's personality does chapter 38 highlight?

7. Why does Matilda Crawley write a nasty letter to Becky Sharp?

8. How does the Crawley household react when Matilda Crawley visits them?

9. Upon hearing about his son George Osborne marrying Amelia Sedley, what does John Osborne do and why?

10. Why does Becky Sharp marry Rawdon Crawley even though she does not like him?

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