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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does William Dobbin tell George Osborne that softens his heart towards Amelia Sedley?
(a) That Amelia Sedley is going to kill herself.
(b) That Amelia Sedley is dead.
(c) That Amelia Seldley is going to marry someone else.
(d) That Amelia Sedley is dying.

2. What is true about Sir Crawley's character as seen in chapter seven?
(a) He is not at all respected by anyone.
(b) He is very generous with his money.
(c) He has a very bad reputation.
(d) He is frugal and never tips anyone.

3. At Matilda Crawley's house, who becomes the household matriarch?
(a) Becky Sharp.
(b) Lady Southdown.
(c) Lady Jane.
(d) Amelia Sedley.

4. Which is true of Joseph Sedley's character?
(a) He is a vagabond.
(b) He is a dandy
(c) He is shy around women.
(d) He loves to be in the company of women.

5. Which character is promoted to a rank of a major?
(a) William Dobbin.
(b) Rawdon Crawley.
(c) James.
(d) Joseph Seldey.

6. Who runs all the affairs of Queens Crawley?
(a) Rawdon Crawley.
(b) Mrs. Crawley.
(c) Pitt junior.
(d) Sir Pitt.

7. What does Mrs. Sedley realize about William Dobbin in chapter 18?
(a) That he loves Amelia Sedley.
(b) That he loves Becky Sharp.
(c) That he hates Amelia Sedley.
(d) That he hates Becky Sharp.

8. What do Amelia Sedley and George Osborne do in Brighton?
(a) They have come their to buy a home.
(b) They have come there to meet someone.
(c) They have come there to pick up someone.
(d) They have come there for their honeymoon.

9. Who does not march for the war as seen in chapter 30?
(a) Rawdon Crawley.
(b) William Dobbin.
(c) George Osborne.
(d) Joseph Sedley.

10. What is true in the relationship between Sir Pitt and his brother?
(a) They never see each other.
(b) They want to kill each other.
(c) They love each other.
(d) They do not get along.

11. Who is Jane?
(a) Geroge Osborne's cousin.
(b) George Osborne's sister.
(c) William Dobbin's sister.
(d) Joseph Sedley's cousin.

12. What is William Dobbin called?
(a) "Prunes".
(b) "Apricots".
(c) "Figs".
(d) "Potatoes".

13. What is Becky Sharp busy doing at the ball thrown by the Duke Of Wellington?
(a) Chatting with William Dobbin.
(b) Dancing with George Osborne.
(c) Seducing all important men.
(d) Talking to Rawdon Crawley.

14. What is true about George Osborne's personality from chapter 13?
(a) He is very selfless.
(b) He does not like the company of women.
(c) He loves all his friends.
(d) He cares only about himself.

15. What happens to Amelia Sedley when she sees Becky Sharp?
(a) She gives her a warm hug.
(b) She smiles at her.
(c) She slaps her.
(d) She starts shouting at her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which character is quite smitten by William Dobbin's charms?

2. Why does William Dobbin get angry at John Osborne when Osborne is making a speech to William Dobbin?

3. What is George Osborne doing when Amelia Sedley and Becky Sharp are riding around the town?

4. Who is Georgy?

5. Who is Joseph Sedley?

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