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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is true of Becky Sharp's attitude towards Joseph Sedley?
(a) It is genuine.
(b) It is very friendly.
(c) It is a false polite front.
(d) It is arrogant.

2. Which character is quite smitten by William Dobbin's charms?
(a) One of George Osborne's girlfriends.
(b) One of George Osborne's cousins.
(c) One of George Osborne's aunts.
(d) One of George Osborne's sisters.

3. Whom is Miss Swartz trying to get married to?
(a) William Dobbin.
(b) John Sedley.
(c) George Osborne.
(d) Rawdon Crawley.

4. Whom does Amelia Sedley celebrate her marriage with?
(a) Her cousins.
(b) Her brother.
(c) Her mother.
(d) Her father.

5. Why does Becky Sharp come to the Crawley residence?
(a) To be a cook.
(b) To be a governess.
(c) To be a maid.
(d) To be a teacher.

6. Where is an auction being held?
(a) At the vauxhall gardens.
(b) At a fair.
(c) At the Sedley's home.
(d) At the Crawley's home.

7. Who is Miss Briggs?
(a) Matilda Crawley's aunt.
(b) Matilda Crawley's seamstress.
(c) Matilda Crawley's friend and servant.
(d) Matilda Crawley's niece.

8. What do the readers come to know of Mrs. Bute's character in chapter 19?
(a) That she is selfless in her devotion to Matilda Crawley.
(b) That she wants to nurse Matilda Crawley back to health.
(c) That she is very kind and genuine.
(d) That she is cunning and manipulative.

9. What is true about Sir Crawley's character as seen in chapter seven?
(a) He is very generous with his money.
(b) He is frugal and never tips anyone.
(c) He is not at all respected by anyone.
(d) He has a very bad reputation.

10. What is Becky Sharp's father's profession?
(a) A writer.
(b) An artist.
(c) A painter.
(d) A singer.

11. What is the vauxhall?
(a) The Royal Library.
(b) The Royal Gardens.
(c) The Royal Estate.
(d) The Royal Guesthouse.

12. What is it about the O'Dowds that people make fun of?
(a) Their laughing style.
(b) Their dressing style.
(c) Their behaviour.
(d) Their thick accents.

13. Whom does Becky Sharp marry?
(a) Rawdon Crawley.
(b) Sir Pitt.
(c) George Osborne.
(d) Bute Crawley.

14. Who runs all the affairs of Queens Crawley?
(a) Pitt junior.
(b) Sir Pitt.
(c) Rawdon Crawley.
(d) Mrs. Crawley.

15. Where is George Osborne actually going when he lies to Amelia Sedley and tells her that he is going on business?
(a) To the theater.
(b) To play a game.
(c) To meet some women.
(d) To go hunting.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is true in the relationship between Sir Pitt and his brother?

2. Who is Chopper?

3. Whom does the item, that is being bid on, initially belong to?

4. Who is engaged to Lady Jane Sheepshanks?

5. Who is Horrocks?

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