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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At Matilda Crawley's house, who becomes the household matriarch?
(a) Lady Southdown.
(b) Becky Sharp.
(c) Amelia Sedley.
(d) Lady Jane.

2. Who is engaged to Lady Jane Sheepshanks?
(a) Pitt junior.
(b) Sir Pitt.
(c) William Dobbin.
(d) Joseph Sedley.

3. What do the readers come to know of Mrs. Bute's character in chapter 19?
(a) That she is very kind and genuine.
(b) That she is cunning and manipulative.
(c) That she wants to nurse Matilda Crawley back to health.
(d) That she is selfless in her devotion to Matilda Crawley.

4. Whom does Matilda Crawley leave her fortune for?
(a) Pitt junior.
(b) Rawdon Crawley.
(c) William Dobbin.
(d) Becky Sharp.

5. Who is Miss Briggs?
(a) Matilda Crawley's friend and servant.
(b) Matilda Crawley's seamstress.
(c) Matilda Crawley's aunt.
(d) Matilda Crawley's niece.

6. Which of the characters dies in the war?
(a) William Dobbin.
(b) Rawdon Crawley.
(c) Joseph Sedley.
(d) George Osborne.

7. What is Becky Sharp busy doing at the ball thrown by the Duke Of Wellington?
(a) Dancing with George Osborne.
(b) Chatting with William Dobbin.
(c) Talking to Rawdon Crawley.
(d) Seducing all important men.

8. What does Mrs. Sedley realize about William Dobbin in chapter 18?
(a) That he loves Amelia Sedley.
(b) That he hates Amelia Sedley.
(c) That he loves Becky Sharp.
(d) That he hates Becky Sharp.

9. Where is George Osborne actually going when he lies to Amelia Sedley and tells her that he is going on business?
(a) To the theater.
(b) To play a game.
(c) To go hunting.
(d) To meet some women.

10. Whom does Becky Sharp flatter, as seen in chapter 31?
(a) Major O'Dowd.
(b) Joseph Sedley.
(c) William Dobbin.
(d) George Osborne.

11. Who does not march for the war as seen in chapter 30?
(a) George Osborne.
(b) Rawdon Crawley.
(c) William Dobbin.
(d) Joseph Sedley.

12. What happens to Becky Sharp and Rawdon Crawley's house after they return from London?
(a) It is being auctioned off.
(b) It burns down.
(c) It is sold.
(d) It is guarded by the sheriff's men.

13. Which character in chapter 31 appears quite tragic because of his efforts in trying to fit in with the military crowd?
(a) George Osborne.
(b) William Dobbin.
(c) Rawdon Crawley.
(d) Joseph Sedley.

14. Which character is quite smitten by William Dobbin's charms?
(a) One of George Osborne's cousins.
(b) One of George Osborne's girlfriends.
(c) One of George Osborne's sisters.
(d) One of George Osborne's aunts.

15. Whom does Becky Sharp write a letter to?
(a) Amelia Sedley.
(b) George Osborne.
(c) Joseph Sedley.
(d) John Sedley.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Amelia Sedley's escort in Belgium?

2. What aspect of George Osborne's character is revealed in chapter six?

3. What do Amelia Sedley and George Osborne do in Brighton?

4. Who is Miss Swartz?

5. What is Becky Sharp's father's profession?

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