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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is true about the Osborne sisters as seen in chapter 21?
(a) They are selfish and superficial.
(b) They are very very mature in their behaviour.
(c) They are very genuine.
(d) They are selfless.

2. What does William Dobbin tell George Osborne that softens his heart towards Amelia Sedley?
(a) That Amelia Sedley is dead.
(b) That Amelia Sedley is dying.
(c) That Amelia Seldley is going to marry someone else.
(d) That Amelia Sedley is going to kill herself.

3. Who runs all the affairs of Queens Crawley?
(a) Sir Pitt.
(b) Mrs. Crawley.
(c) Pitt junior.
(d) Rawdon Crawley.

4. What is Becky Sharp busy doing at the ball thrown by the Duke Of Wellington?
(a) Seducing all important men.
(b) Talking to Rawdon Crawley.
(c) Chatting with William Dobbin.
(d) Dancing with George Osborne.

5. What is William Dobbin called?
(a) "Figs".
(b) "Apricots".
(c) "Potatoes".
(d) "Prunes".

6. What does William Dobbin encourage Amelia Sedley and George Osborne to do?
(a) To buy a home.
(b) To invest in a piece of land.
(c) To elope.
(d) To get married right away.

7. Who is engaged to Lady Jane Sheepshanks?
(a) Sir Pitt.
(b) Pitt junior.
(c) Joseph Sedley.
(d) William Dobbin.

8. What is true about George Osborne's personality from chapter 13?
(a) He cares only about himself.
(b) He loves all his friends.
(c) He does not like the company of women.
(d) He is very selfless.

9. Who is Miss Swartz?
(a) A singer.
(b) A writer.
(c) A dancer.
(d) A heiress.

10. Where is an auction being held?
(a) At the Crawley's home.
(b) At a fair.
(c) At the Sedley's home.
(d) At the vauxhall gardens.

11. Who is the little boy with Corporal Clink at the park?
(a) Georgy.
(b) Corporal Clink's son.
(c) Little Rawdon.
(d) Corporal Clink's nephew.

12. Who is Amelia Sedley's escort in Belgium?
(a) Major O'Dowd.
(b) Mrs.O'Dowd.
(c) William Dobbin.
(d) Becky Sharp.

13. Which of the Crawley's is NOT befriended by Becky Sharp?
(a) Rawdon Crawley.
(b) Lady Crawley.
(c) Pitt Crawley, junior.
(d) Sir Pitt Crawley.

14. Who meet in the park where Becky Sharp and Rawdon Crawley are riding?
(a) The Crawleys and William Dobbin.
(b) The Osbornes and Amelia Sedley.
(c) The Osbornes and the Crawleys.
(d) The Osbornes and William Dobbin.

15. What does John Osborne do when at the study room?
(a) He sits down to so some thinking.
(b) He writes a note for Geroge Osborne.
(c) He sits down and reads the Bible.
(d) He removes George Osborne's name from the family record

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is James?

2. Who finally earns a place of honor in Paris?

3. Who does Becky Sharp seduce so that Rawdon Crawley gains status?

4. Who does not march for the war as seen in chapter 30?

5. Who is the old man with Corporal Clink at the park?

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