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Objective: Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three Through chapters one, two and three we get a great deal of insight of the character of Becky Sharp and to some extent the character of Amelia Sedley. This lesson plan discusses the two female characters-Becky Sharp and Amelia Sedley and how these two characters are in contrast to one another.

1) Class Discussion: The name Becky "Sharp" reveals a lot about what kind of a person this character is. Right from the beginning of the novel, Becky Sharp's character is in strong contrast with that of Amelia Sedley, who is well liked, genuine and generous when she showers Becky Sharp with wonderful gifts. Becky Sharp is scheming and manipulative, never missing an opportunity to climb up higher and higher on the social ladder. She even shows false interest in everything India, just to woo Joseph Sedley and become his wife...

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