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Vanity Fair Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

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Essay Topics

What is the narrative technique in Vanity Fair? How does the author present himself throughout the novel?

There are many themes found in the novel. Expand on any two themes that is relevant to the novel and substantiate with examples how the theme is worked into the novel with the help of characters, settings, etc.

What is the symbolism used in the novel? Elucidate with examples from the text.

The author makes a very intelligent use of names of the characters, for example, Becky "Sharp", the "Crawleys", etc. How does the author draw a parallel between the names of the characters and their personalities?

Is Vanity Fair a unified novel in terms of themes, plot etc.? Give examples.

Give examples of imagery used in Vanity Fair and how it helps further the plot of the novel.

Appearances and social status play a very big role in the novel...

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