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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After examining the house, what does Lestat do?
(a) He goes to find Marius.
(b) He goes back to his room to sleep.
(c) He plans his escape from Marius.
(d) He decides to build a house like this.

2. Where does Marius take Lestat?
(a) To the top of the mountain.
(b) To feast on victims he has caught.
(c) To his library.
(d) To see Those Who Must Be Kept.

3. What does Lestat finally realize about what has happened in San Francisco?
(a) That Enkil is trying to kill him.
(b) That he had gone too far.
(c) That Marius is dead.
(d) That Akasha is with him.

4. What does Marius realize as he looks at the badly burnt god?
(a) That he cannot be mortal.
(b) That he has tried to kill himself.
(c) That he has been a captive too long.
(d) That he had an accident at the sacrifice.

5. How was the first vampire created?
(a) When the Queen was bitten by a bat.
(b) When the King attempted to exorcise a demon.
(c) When an alien being came to Egypt.
(d) When the King and Queen were embalmed.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Lestat go about trying to find Marius?

2. During their journey away from Paris, what does Gabrielle often do?

3. Why does Lestat stay so long underground?

4. What happens when Marius is wounded by the Elder in a fight?

5. Who does Marius encounter when he is forty years old?

Short Essay Questions

1. As the vampires threatening Lestat begin to burst into flames, how is the question of what caused that resolved?

2. Define the literary usage of the dream Lestat has.

3. What is the symbolic meaning of the loud booming sound of the heart of Marius?

4. What is so frightening to Lestat about Those Who Must Be Kept?

5. Why does Gabrielle stick around after Lestat receives the Stradivarius in Cairo?

6. Why does Marius receive no information about the calamity that befell the old god of the Druids?

7. what are the two major topics of interest to Lestat as he reads mail from Paris?

8. What admission does Marius make to Lestat?

9. How does Marius at first react to the story of the creation of the vampires?

10. How is Marius aided in the process of taking Those Who Must Be Kept out of Egypt?

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