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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Finally believing the story of the Mother and Father to be true, what does Marius do?
(a) Decides to see for himself if they are safe.
(b) Decides to get far away from Egypt.
(c) Decides to write a history about them.
(d) Decides to try to kill them.

2. Where is Marius led when he arrives in Alexandria?
(a) To a tomb in the Valley of trhe Kings.
(b) To an underground temple.
(c) To the interior of a pyramid.
(d) To a subway station.

3. How does Lestat taunt real vampires during the show?
(a) By demonstrating his greater power.
(b) By declaring that vampires are fiction.
(c) By daring them to show themselves.
(d) By telling the mortals how to spot them.

4. How does Lestat sleep one night after terrorizing a mortal in his home?
(a) In a mummy case.
(b) In a mosque.
(c) Under the house.
(d) Buried in the earth.

5. Starving, what happens to Lestat?
(a) He hallucinates.
(b) He eats earthworms.
(c) He tries to dig himself out of the earth.
(d) He believes it is the end for him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Lestat planning to do in San Francisco?

2. Why does Lestat stay under the earth after hearing the beating sound?

3. Why does Marius become interested in the stranger in the tavern?

4. How does Lestat react to the city of New Orleans?

5. How is the house of the vampire Marius decorated?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Marius receive no information about the calamity that befell the old god of the Druids?

2. Why is Gabrielle's idea of freedom much different from Lestat's?

3. In what way is Marius different from Armand as Lestat raises his questions?

4. What happens to Lestat after Marius saves him from being destroyed by Enkil?

5. What is the symbolic meaning of the loud booming sound of the heart of Marius?

6. How does Marius let Lestat know that he has nothing to fear while he is a guest in his house?

7. How is it clear that Marius went looking for Lestat on purpose?

8. What special privilege is given Marius as he prepares to remove the ancient vampires?

9. Having returned in 1984, what is Lestat about to do that has other vampires up in arms?

10. As the vampires threatening Lestat begin to burst into flames, how is the question of what caused that resolved?

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