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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the coven's main objection to Lestat?
(a) That he had made himself known to mortals.
(b) That he made a vampire of his mother.
(c) That he had so much wealth.
(d) That he was not in a coven.

2. What is The Vampire Lestat?
(a) A newspaper column.
(b) One Who Must Be Kept.
(c) A rock band.
(d) A restaurant.

3. What lie does Armand tell the remaining members of his former coven?
(a) That he is sorry for killing coven members.
(b) That he will make amends for what he did in the past.
(c) That he has the answers they seek.
(d) That he has a new source of revenue.

4. What does Lestat do with Magnus' ashes?
(a) He puts them in water and drinks them.
(b) He hides them in a coffin.
(c) He discards them out the window.
(d) He puts them in an urn.

5. What do Lestat and Gabrielle know about the vampires and Nicki?
(a) That they have killed Nicki.
(b) That they have made him a vampire.
(c) That they do not know where Nicki is.
(d) That they are holding him prisoner.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Magnus show Lestat in the tower?

2. What do Gabrielle and Lestat hear as they wake up in the church?

3. What does the older female vampire tell Armand?

4. What does Lestat suggest to Armand?

5. What talent does Nicolas have that makes Lestat carried away with emotion?

Short Essay Questions

1. What prepares Lestat for becoming an actor in Paris?

2. How does Armand try to deceive Lestat and Gabrielle in order to keep them with him?

3. How does Lestat immediately begin adjusting to being a vampire?

4. How does Lestat come to know that Magnus had been looking for one like him for quite some time?

5. What is the circumstance that changes Armand into a vampire?

6. How does Anne rice introduce the character of Armand?

7. Explain the significance of Lestat's finding Armand at the mortals' ball.

8. What is the circumstance when Lestat and Gabrielle awaken in a crypt inside a church?

9. In what way is Nicolas more philosophically deep than Lestat?

10. What is the event that lets Nicolas know that Lestat has changed?

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