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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Gabrielle's first night as a vampire like?
(a) Dangerous as she makes her first kill.
(b) Long as she tests out her powers.
(c) Long because she has many questions.
(d) Short because she tires easily.

2. What happened to him as a boy?
(a) He was taken to see the Tsar.
(b) He was abandoned in Alaska.
(c) He was adopted by a Turk.
(d) He was sold as a slave in Venice.

3. Who goes to the theater to make excuses for Lestat's behavior?
(a) Roget.
(b) Gabrielle.
(c) Nicki.
(d) Renaud.

4. What is it that makes Lestat uneasy watching Gabrielle?
(a) When she climbs a wall.
(b) When she makes a kill.
(c) When she makes a mistake.
(d) When she changes her clothes.

5. What do Nicolas and Lestat propose to do to spite their families?
(a) Write a novel.
(b) Burn the crops.
(c) Live together in the village.
(d) Run away to Paris.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Armand destroys his coven, what does he try to do?

2. What news does Lestat receive about his mother?

3. Why does Lestat not kill himself in the fire when he realizes he is a vampire?

4. What does Armand's story make Lestat think?

5. What does Armand do without Lestat's permission?

Short Essay Questions

1. In what way is Nicolas more philosophically deep than Lestat?

2. What are the reactions to Lestat's sudden ascent into wealth?

3. What kind of person is the lawyer Roget to whom Lestat trusts his business?

4. What prepares Lestat for becoming an actor in Paris?

5. What is Nicki's idea about the repertoire of the theater now called Theater of the Vampires?

6. How do the vampires pursuing Lestat and Gabrielle leave a message that they have kidnapped Nicolas?

7. Why is it necessary for Lestat to make a quick getaway from his family home?

8. Confronting Lestat, what is Armand's main objection to Lestat?

9. How does Anne rice introduce the character of Armand?

10. What does Anne Rice use to let the reader know that something dire is going to happen to Lestat?

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