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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the word Lestat hears that haunts him?
(a) Gold digger.
(b) Wolfkiller.
(c) Evil doer.
(d) Vampire.

2. What does Nicki do when he senses the presence of Lestat?
(a) Starts shouting.
(b) Looks out the window.
(c) Plays his violin.
(d) Leaves his room.

3. Where does Lestat run into Armand again?
(a) At the tower.
(b) At Les Innocents.
(c) At a mortals' ball.
(d) At Renaud's theater.

4. Who is the one person who is not happy to hear of Lestat's good fortune?
(a) M. de Lioncourt.
(b) Magnus.
(c) Nicolas.
(d) Gabrielle.

5. What is Gabrielle's condition at the beginning of the story?
(a) She is planning to run away.
(b) She is dying.
(c) She is pregnant.
(d) She is a vampire.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Gabrielle say is her dying wish?

2. How is Lestat transformed into a vampire?

3. What is Lestat's family situation just before the French Revolution?

4. What does Armand want from Gabrielle and Lestat?

5. What future friend of Lestat's does he meet when a committee comes to reward his bravery?

Short Essay Questions

1. What prepares Lestat for becoming an actor in Paris?

2. In what way is Nicolas more philosophically deep than Lestat?

3. Explain the length of time involved in the novel about Lestat.

4. How does Lestat immediately begin adjusting to being a vampire?

5. Why is it necessary for Lestat to make a quick getaway from his family home?

6. What are the reactions to Lestat's sudden ascent into wealth?

7. Describe how Lestat and Nicolas become friends.

8. What is the circumstance when Lestat and Gabrielle awaken in a crypt inside a church?

9. How do the vampires pursuing Lestat and Gabrielle leave a message that they have kidnapped Nicolas?

10. How does Armand's story affect Lestat and Gabrielle differently?

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