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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lestat defeat that makes him a local hero?
(a) Four gypsie highwaymen.
(b) Three mountain lions.
(c) Eight wolves.
(d) A rogue vampire.

2. What do Gabrielle and Lestat hear as they wake up in the church?
(a) A sanctuary full of vampires.
(b) An organ playing Mozart.
(c) A mass being said.
(d) Thieves robbing the church.

3. What does Lestat want to do when he sees his dying mother?
(a) Make her a vampire.
(b) Take her to Italy.
(c) Kill his father.
(d) Go out of her room and cry.

4. Where do Lestat and Nicolas end up working?
(a) In a bookstore.
(b) In a circus.
(c) In a theater.
(d) In a nightclub.

5. After Armand destroys his coven, what does he try to do?
(a) To find himself another coven.
(b) To find Lestat and kill him.
(c) To reach out to Lestat for companionship.
(d) To leave Paris and go to Egypt.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the coven's main objection to Lestat?

2. Where is Lestat when he wakes up?

3. What do all of the dead bodies in the tower have in common?

4. Where do they go to sleep the night after the other vampires showed up?

5. How is Lestat alerted to the rising sun?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where do Gabrielle and Lestat go in Paris to escape the vampires who continue to chase them?

2. What is the circumstance that changes Armand into a vampire?

3. What is the circumstance when Lestat and Gabrielle awaken in a crypt inside a church?

4. How is the bond between Lestat and Nicki eventually broken?

5. What are the reactions to Lestat's sudden ascent into wealth?

6. How does Gabrielle react to becoming a vampire?

7. Describe the rapture of Lestat as he becomes a vampire.

8. Why is it necessary for Lestat to make a quick getaway from his family home?

9. Describe the ability Armand has to absorb a great deal of information quickly.

10. Why can Lestat not follow through with his plan to have Nicki take Gabrielle to Italy?

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