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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Lestat stay so long underground?
(a) His lack of motivation to arise.
(b) His need for a long rest.
(c) His fear of Marius.
(d) His sadness over Gabrielle.

2. When, according to another burnt vampire, were their kind created?
(a) Six thousand years ago.
(b) Ten thousand years ago.
(c) Four thousand years ago.
(d) One thousand years ago.

3. What property does Lestat own in New Orleans?
(a) Several vampire bars.
(b) A hotel.
(c) A mausoleum.
(d) Many homes.

4. How was the first vampire created?
(a) When the King and Queen were embalmed.
(b) When an alien being came to Egypt.
(c) When the Queen was bitten by a bat.
(d) When the King attempted to exorcise a demon.

5. What does Marius make Lestat promise?
(a) Never to forget drinking Akasha's blood.
(b) Never to tell what he knows now.
(c) Never to try and find him.
(d) Never to return to the house they are in.

6. How does Lestat react to the city of New Orleans?
(a) He thinks it is terrible and longs for Paris.
(b) He is pleasantly surprised and immediately likes the city.
(c) He worries about being the only vampire in the city.
(d) He dislikes the phony French atmosphere.

7. How did Marius find Lestat?
(a) By simple logic.
(b) By reading his many messages.
(c) By smelling his blood.
(d) By hearing from Gabrielle.

8. What has Lestat been doing to upset the vampires?
(a) Breaking all the rules and telling vampire secrets.
(b) Killing too many people close to home.
(c) Making himself into a big mystery.
(d) Becoming more wealthy than before.

9. What happens during the night at Marius' rented house?
(a) A coven of burnt vampires comes to his house.
(b) The Mother comes to his house.
(c) The Mother and Father come to his house.
(d) The Father comes to his house.

10. What is Nicki's condition that causes everyone to keep a close eye on him?
(a) He is despondent.
(b) He is weak.
(c) He is mad.
(d) He is confused.

11. What is the problem with Enkil?
(a) He is jealous and tries to kill Lestat.
(b) He cannot hear the violin music.
(c) He tries to kill Ashaka.
(d) He has turned to solid stone.

12. What happens when Marius is wounded by the Elder in a fight?
(a) The Father wakes and kills the Elder.
(b) The Elder leaves thinking Marius is dead.
(c) Marius kills the Elder.
(d) Akasha comes and kills the Elder.

13. What does Lestat do when he returns from Paris to New Orleans?
(a) Burns all his books.
(b) Sends out messages for Marius.
(c) Hides more and more away from mortals.
(d) Starts to terrorize the city.

14. What has Lestat done in coming to New Orleans that is a first for vampires?
(a) Live for weeks without blood.
(b) Leave the place where he was made.
(c) Travel across the Atlantic Ocean.
(d) Go to visit mortal relatives.

15. What is the message Marius gets about the Mother and Father?
(a) To get them out of Egypt.
(b) To come and drink their blood.
(c) To bury them deep in the desert.
(d) To stop trying to find them.

Short Answer Questions

1. Reunited, what do Gabrielle, Louis, and Lestat try to figure out?

2. Why does Marius become interested in the stranger in the tavern?

3. How does Lestat go about trying to find Marius?

4. What is happening in Paris while Lestat and Gabrielle are traveling?

5. During their journey away from Paris, what does Gabrielle often do?

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