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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the burnt creature tell Marius?
(a) Where a vast treasure is hidden.
(b) That nothing will happen to him.
(c) That he must remain hidden in the tree.
(d) How he will become immortal.

2. At what point does Marius begin to understand?
(a) When he talks again with Mael.
(b) When he finds a book that explains all.
(c) When he puts on the Druid clothes.
(d) When he drinks the blood of the burnt vampire.

3. What happens during the night at Marius' rented house?
(a) The Mother comes to his house.
(b) The Father comes to his house.
(c) A coven of burnt vampires comes to his house.
(d) The Mother and Father come to his house.

4. What is the condition of the old god?
(a) He is ready to die.
(b) He is powerful but ready to leave.
(c) He is starving but cannot eat.
(d) He is helpless and cannot move.

5. What are the images in Lestat's next warning?
(a) Wind and rain.
(b) Snow and ice.
(c) Fire and brinstone.
(d) Mountains and valleys.

6. Where does Marius take Lestat?
(a) To his coven.
(b) To the bottom a pyramid.
(c) To a gold mine.
(d) To his secret home.

7. What has Lestat done in coming to New Orleans that is a first for vampires?
(a) Travel across the Atlantic Ocean.
(b) Leave the place where he was made.
(c) Live for weeks without blood.
(d) Go to visit mortal relatives.

8. Where does Lestat explore after changing his clothes?
(a) The dungeon of Marius' house.
(b) The best places to hunt mortals near Marius' house.
(c) The coastline near Marius' house.
(d) The many rooms of Marius' house.

9. Where is Marius led when he arrives in Alexandria?
(a) To the interior of a pyramid.
(b) To a tomb in the Valley of trhe Kings.
(c) To a subway station.
(d) To an underground temple.

10. Finally believing the story of the Mother and Father to be true, what does Marius do?
(a) Decides to write a history about them.
(b) Decides to see for himself if they are safe.
(c) Decides to try to kill them.
(d) Decides to get far away from Egypt.

11. Why does Lestat have to leave Marius house hurriedly?
(a) Lestat is too strong after drinking Akasha's blood.
(b) Akasha is enjoying the fight over her.
(c) With Enkil riled up, it is not safe for Lestat.
(d) Marius banishes him for breaking the rules.

12. How did more vampires come into being?
(a) They cut the Mother and Father and drank their blood.
(b) They were scratched by the Mother's fingernails.
(c) They were made by the Mother and Father.
(d) They encountered more demons.

13. How does Lestat go about trying to find Marius?
(a) By hiring a private investigator.
(b) By putting ads in the newspapers.
(c) By carving messages into stone.
(d) By calling his name over and over.

14. Under what condition does Gabrielle make Lestat promise he will find her?
(a) If he ever decides to put an end to his existence.
(b) If he ever decides to return to the family home.
(c) If he finds his father in the New World.
(d) If he locates Marius.

15. What happens when Marius is wounded by the Elder in a fight?
(a) The Elder leaves thinking Marius is dead.
(b) The Father wakes and kills the Elder.
(c) Akasha comes and kills the Elder.
(d) Marius kills the Elder.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lestat do when he returns from Paris to New Orleans?

2. How does Lestat react to the city of New Orleans?

3. During their journey away from Paris, what does Gabrielle often do?

4. What does Marius realize as he looks at the badly burnt god?

5. What memory does Lestat dwell on from his past?

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