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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Marius learn from drinking Akasha's blood?
(a) How to avoid other vampires.
(b) The way to get out of Egypt.
(c) Who is trying to kill him.
(d) Her entire history.

2. Where does he take Those Who Must Be Kept first?
(a) Antioch.
(b) Jerusalem.
(c) Constantinople.
(d) Athens.

3. What is Louis' concern about the concert?
(a) That Lestat may be disappointed.
(b) That too many vampires will be made in San Francisco.
(c) That it may put them all in danger.
(d) That Lestat will become a big star.

4. What does the stranger in the tavern do to Marius?
(a) Invites him to his home.
(b) Gives him a road map.
(c) Makes him pay the bar tab.
(d) Knocks him unconscious.

5. How does Lestat taunt real vampires during the show?
(a) By declaring that vampires are fiction.
(b) By demonstrating his greater power.
(c) By telling the mortals how to spot them.
(d) By daring them to show themselves.

6. What is the Samhain?
(a) The tribal council of the Druids.
(b) The ritual Marius will take part in.
(c) The holy book of the Druids.
(d) The warrior tribe of Ireland.

7. What does Mael say will happen to Marius?
(a) He will become immortal.
(b) He will become a Druid.
(c) He will make history.
(d) He will be sacrificed.

8. After learning Armand's story, what does Lestat want to do?
(a) Take Armand under his wing.
(b) Form a coven.
(c) Leave with Gabrielle and sleep in the earth.
(d) Find Marius.

9. What is Marius main goal about Those Who Must Be Kept?
(a) That he will dress them in better clothes.
(b) That he can get them to wake up.
(c) That they will reward him for his loyalty.
(d) That no one will find or harm them.

10. When, according to another burnt vampire, were their kind created?
(a) Four thousand years ago.
(b) One thousand years ago.
(c) Ten thousand years ago.
(d) Six thousand years ago.

11. What does the burnt creature tell Marius?
(a) That nothing will happen to him.
(b) How he will become immortal.
(c) Where a vast treasure is hidden.
(d) That he must remain hidden in the tree.

12. What does Gabrielle not understand about Lestat?
(a) His weakness for Armand.
(b) His need for a coven.
(c) His connection to mortals.
(d) His unwillingness to talk.

13. What is the turnout for Lestat's concert?
(a) People are firghtened and stay away.
(b) Only a few vampires show up.
(c) Marius comes and scares everyone away.
(d) It is sold out.

14. Under what condition does Gabrielle make Lestat promise he will find her?
(a) If he ever decides to put an end to his existence.
(b) If he ever decides to return to the family home.
(c) If he finds his father in the New World.
(d) If he locates Marius.

15. How is the house of the vampire Marius decorated?
(a) Like an Egyptian tomb for a king.
(b) Naturally like a cave in a mountainside.
(c) Plainly for a fast getaway.
(d) Lavishly with paintings and murals.

Short Answer Questions

1. What has Lestat been doing to upset the vampires?

2. What do the vampires call the process of making another vampire?

3. What does Marius learn happened to the Mother and the Father that caused all vampires to burn?

4. Finally believing the story of the Mother and Father to be true, what does Marius do?

5. How does Lestat react to the city of New Orleans?

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