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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Lestat have to leave Marius house hurriedly?
(a) Marius banishes him for breaking the rules.
(b) With Enkil riled up, it is not safe for Lestat.
(c) Lestat is too strong after drinking Akasha's blood.
(d) Akasha is enjoying the fight over her.

2. When, according to another burnt vampire, were their kind created?
(a) One thousand years ago.
(b) Ten thousand years ago.
(c) Six thousand years ago.
(d) Four thousand years ago.

3. What is Marius main goal about Those Who Must Be Kept?
(a) That he can get them to wake up.
(b) That he will dress them in better clothes.
(c) That no one will find or harm them.
(d) That they will reward him for his loyalty.

4. How did the evil spirit get into the bodies of the King and Queen?
(a) From scratches they got during the exorcism.
(b) When they opened their mouths to scream.
(c) From blood they thought came from a sheep.
(d) From stab wounds made by assassins.

5. What are the images in Lestat's next warning?
(a) Mountains and valleys.
(b) Wind and rain.
(c) Fire and brinstone.
(d) Snow and ice.

6. What does the stranger in the tavern do to Marius?
(a) Makes him pay the bar tab.
(b) Knocks him unconscious.
(c) Invites him to his home.
(d) Gives him a road map.

7. What does Gabrielle think about Marius?
(a) That he is a fiction.
(b) That he is dead.
(c) That he will not see Lestat.
(d) That he cannot tell them anything.

8. What happens during the night at Marius' rented house?
(a) The Father comes to his house.
(b) The Mother and Father come to his house.
(c) A coven of burnt vampires comes to his house.
(d) The Mother comes to his house.

9. Where is Lestat when he awakens?
(a) On Marius' boat.
(b) In Transylvania.
(c) In a sarcophagus.
(d) In Marius' house.

10. When a riot breaks out, what appears to be happening to vampires who want to harm Lestat?
(a) They start killing as many mortals as possible.
(b) They grow stronger and nearly overtake Lestat.
(c) They change into bats and fly away.
(d) The appear to be exploding into flames.

11. Finally believing the story of the Mother and Father to be true, what does Marius do?
(a) Decides to see for himself if they are safe.
(b) Decides to try to kill them.
(c) Decides to write a history about them.
(d) Decides to get far away from Egypt.

12. Why does Lestat stay under the earth after hearing the beating sound?
(a) He is too comfortable to get up.
(b) He is too curious to get up.
(c) He is too weak to get himself up.
(d) He is too afraid to get up.

13. Reunited, what do Gabrielle, Louis, and Lestat try to figure out?
(a) What they should do to protect themselves.
(b) Who was behind the exploding vampires.
(c) Where they should go next.
(d) Why they were not killed with the others.

14. What does Lestat think Those Who Must Be Kept are?
(a) A pair of victims.
(b) A pair of statues.
(c) A pair of gods.
(d) A pair of insane vampires.

15. What does Marius make Lestat promise?
(a) Never to tell what he knows now.
(b) Never to return to the house they are in.
(c) Never to try and find him.
(d) Never to forget drinking Akasha's blood.

Short Answer Questions

1. How was the first vampire created?

2. Who does Marius encounter when he is forty years old?

3. What is the Samhain?

4. Why does Marius want to get Those Who Must Be Kept away from the Elder who has watched them for centuries?

5. When Marius leaves his house, what restriction does he place on Lestat?

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