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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Finally believing the story of the Mother and Father to be true, what does Marius do?
(a) Decides to write a history about them.
(b) Decides to get far away from Egypt.
(c) Decides to try to kill them.
(d) Decides to see for himself if they are safe.

2. What has Lestat done in coming to New Orleans that is a first for vampires?
(a) Go to visit mortal relatives.
(b) Travel across the Atlantic Ocean.
(c) Leave the place where he was made.
(d) Live for weeks without blood.

3. What is the message Marius gets about the Mother and Father?
(a) To stop trying to find them.
(b) To come and drink their blood.
(c) To get them out of Egypt.
(d) To bury them deep in the desert.

4. How is the house of the vampire Marius decorated?
(a) Lavishly with paintings and murals.
(b) Naturally like a cave in a mountainside.
(c) Like an Egyptian tomb for a king.
(d) Plainly for a fast getaway.

5. What is the name of the stranger from the tavern?
(a) Gaul.
(b) Liam.
(c) Lucifer.
(d) Mael.

6. Where does Marius take Lestat?
(a) To his secret home.
(b) To the bottom a pyramid.
(c) To his coven.
(d) To a gold mine.

7. Why does Lestat stay so long underground?
(a) His sadness over Gabrielle.
(b) His lack of motivation to arise.
(c) His need for a long rest.
(d) His fear of Marius.

8. What happens during the night at Marius' rented house?
(a) A coven of burnt vampires comes to his house.
(b) The Mother and Father come to his house.
(c) The Mother comes to his house.
(d) The Father comes to his house.

9. What memory does Lestat dwell on from his past?
(a) Time with Those Who Must Be Kept.
(b) His relationship with Nicki.
(c) The time when he was close to his mother.
(d) Life with Louis and Claudia.

10. What does Lestat finally realize about what has happened in San Francisco?
(a) That he had gone too far.
(b) That Akasha is with him.
(c) That Marius is dead.
(d) That Enkil is trying to kill him.

11. At what point does Marius begin to understand?
(a) When he drinks the blood of the burnt vampire.
(b) When he puts on the Druid clothes.
(c) When he finds a book that explains all.
(d) When he talks again with Mael.

12. Starving, what happens to Lestat?
(a) He tries to dig himself out of the earth.
(b) He hallucinates.
(c) He eats earthworms.
(d) He believes it is the end for him.

13. What does Lestat dream about his family?
(a) That they have been killed by the revolution.
(b) That they have disinherited him.
(c) That they have become vampire hunters.
(d) That he has made vampires of them all.

14. After examining the house, what does Lestat do?
(a) He plans his escape from Marius.
(b) He goes to find Marius.
(c) He decides to build a house like this.
(d) He goes back to his room to sleep.

15. Who pulls Lestat from the ground?
(a) Marius.
(b) Gabrielle.
(c) Armand.
(d) Renaud.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the images in Lestat's next warning?

2. What is Louis' concern about the concert?

3. Why does Marius tell Lestat he must leave him?

4. What does Marius learn happened to the Mother and the Father that caused all vampires to burn?

5. What does Gabrielle not understand about Lestat?

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