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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Marius remove Those Who Must Be Kept?
(a) In glass cases.
(b) In heavy wool wrappings.
(c) In packing crates.
(d) In wooden coffins.

2. As Lestat prepares to go to the New World, where is Gabrielle planning to go?
(a) Transylvania.
(b) Germany.
(c) Africa.
(d) China.

3. What does Lestat think of while buried in the earth?
(a) All his wealth.
(b) His father and brothers.
(c) Why he cannot find Marius.
(d) Nicki's Stradivarius.

4. What is the one thing Marius is pleased about Lestat's breaking his rule?
(a) That it will be easier now to move Those Who Must Be Kept.
(b) That he has an excuse to get rid of Lestat.
(c) That he provoked activity from Those Who Must Be Kept.
(d) That Lestat will now fear Those Who Must Be Kept.

5. How does Marius react when he sees that Lestat is in the sanctuary?
(a) He is furious that Lestat defied his order.
(b) He is happy to see Enkil murder Lestat.
(c) He is surprised that Lestat could open the door.
(d) He is pleased that Lestat work them up.

6. Who comes to New Orleans to visit Lestat?
(a) Armand.
(b) Louis.
(c) Gabrielle.
(d) Marius.

7. How did the evil spirit get into the bodies of the King and Queen?
(a) From blood they thought came from a sheep.
(b) From stab wounds made by assassins.
(c) From scratches they got during the exorcism.
(d) When they opened their mouths to scream.

8. Where does Marius take Lestat?
(a) To his library.
(b) To see Those Who Must Be Kept.
(c) To feast on victims he has caught.
(d) To the top of the mountain.

9. How does Lestat sleep one night after terrorizing a mortal in his home?
(a) Buried in the earth.
(b) Under the house.
(c) In a mosque.
(d) In a mummy case.

10. What property does Lestat own in New Orleans?
(a) Several vampire bars.
(b) A mausoleum.
(c) Many homes.
(d) A hotel.

11. What does the stranger in the tavern do to Marius?
(a) Invites him to his home.
(b) Gives him a road map.
(c) Makes him pay the bar tab.
(d) Knocks him unconscious.

12. What does Akasha do after Lestat plays Nicki's violin for Those Who Must Be Kept?
(a) She gets up to dance.
(b) She wails and crushes the violin.
(c) She begins to shed real tears.
(d) She throws a vase at Lestat.

13. Why does Lestat stay under the earth after hearing the beating sound?
(a) He is too curious to get up.
(b) He is too weak to get himself up.
(c) He is too afraid to get up.
(d) He is too comfortable to get up.

14. What does Marius learn happened to the Mother and the Father that caused all vampires to burn?
(a) They were exposed to radiation.
(b) They were thrown into a kiln.
(c) They were left out in the sun.
(d) They were in a fire in the temple.

15. Who keeps Lestat informed about what is going on in France?
(a) Roget and Eleni.
(b) Lestat's father and brother.
(c) Armand and Nicki.
(d) Renaud and Marius.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Lestat planning to do in San Francisco?

2. Finally believing the story of the Mother and Father to be true, what does Marius do?

3. What does Marius realize as he looks at the badly burnt god?

4. What is the Samhain?

5. What does Lestat do when he returns from Paris to New Orleans?

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