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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lestat want to do when he sees his dying mother?
(a) Make her a vampire.
(b) Go out of her room and cry.
(c) Kill his father.
(d) Take her to Italy.

2. How does Lestat recognize it was a mistake to change Nicki?
(a) Nicki's anger has made him powerful.
(b) He listenes to Gabrielle.
(c) Nicki goes back to join the coven.
(d) He cannot stand the sight of him now.

3. After seeing Nicki, where does Lestat go the next night?
(a) To the Comedie Francaise.
(b) To the House of Thespians.
(c) To the top of the Eiffel Tower.
(d) To walk along the Seine.

4. From where did Armand originate?
(a) In Russia.
(b) In Turkey.
(c) In Nepal.
(d) In China.

5. Who enters the cathedral to bring them out?
(a) Dracula.
(b) Armand.
(c) Magnus.
(d) Nicolas.

6. What is Lestat's family situation just before the French Revolution?
(a) Middle class merchants.
(b) Impoverished nobility.
(c) Feudal servants.
(d) Wealthy land barons.

7. Why does Lestat climb a wall?
(a) To look for Magnus.
(b) To escape the other vampires.
(c) To see the skyline.
(d) To see Nicki.

8. What does Lestat do onstage at the theater?
(a) Bites the head off a rat.
(b) A repeat of his old Lelio character.
(c) Shows his fangs and drinks blood.
(d) A performance that frightens the audience.

9. Where do Lestat and Nicolas end up working?
(a) In a circus.
(b) In a theater.
(c) In a bookstore.
(d) In a nightclub.

10. What does Lestat do with Magnus' ashes?
(a) He puts them in water and drinks them.
(b) He puts them in an urn.
(c) He hides them in a coffin.
(d) He discards them out the window.

11. How do Lestat and Gabrielle escape the room where she was dying?
(a) They sneak out a window.
(b) They hide in a closet.
(c) They go out a back door.
(d) They hide under the bed.

12. Who made Armand a vampire?
(a) Dracula.
(b) Marius.
(c) Louis.
(d) Lestat.

13. Who does Lestat look up to help him with his finances?
(a) A banker named Robespierre.
(b) A lawyer named Pierre Roget.
(c) A pawnbroker named Jacques Bergerac.
(d) An accountant named Cratchet.

14. How do Gabrielle and Lestat frighten the worshipers?
(a) They open the crypt and stand up like statues.
(b) They jump out of the crypt during the mass.
(c) They make wailing sounds in the crypt.
(d) They levitate the crypt.

15. How does Lestat learn that he can read people's minds?
(a) He hears Nicolas calling for him.
(b) He senses a human in the tower.
(c) He is distrubed by the thoughts of people outside.
(d) He can hear his mother thinking about him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Nicki do when he senses the presence of Lestat?

2. What can Lestat see while reading the minds of the vampires?

3. Where does Armand take Lestat and Gabrielle?

4. Why does Lestat not kill himself in the fire when he realizes he is a vampire?

5. How is Lestat alerted to the rising sun?

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