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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After seeing Nicki, where does Lestat go the next night?
(a) To the Comedie Francaise.
(b) To the House of Thespians.
(c) To the top of the Eiffel Tower.
(d) To walk along the Seine.

2. How do Lestat and Gabrielle escape the room where she was dying?
(a) They hide in a closet.
(b) They go out a back door.
(c) They hide under the bed.
(d) They sneak out a window.

3. Where do Lestat and Nicolas end up working?
(a) In a bookstore.
(b) In a nightclub.
(c) In a theater.
(d) In a circus.

4. What is the word Lestat hears that haunts him?
(a) Vampire.
(b) Wolfkiller.
(c) Evil doer.
(d) Gold digger.

5. What happens as the vampire begins to drain Lestat's blood?
(a) He feels himself dying.
(b) He tries to fight the vampire off.
(c) He has dreamlike images.
(d) He faints from fright.

6. Why does Lestat climb a wall?
(a) To escape the other vampires.
(b) To see the skyline.
(c) To see Nicki.
(d) To look for Magnus.

7. Where does Lestat run into Armand again?
(a) At Renaud's theater.
(b) At a mortals' ball.
(c) At Les Innocents.
(d) At the tower.

8. What happens to Lestat during the night in the apartment he shares with Nicolas?
(a) He is snatched through the window.
(b) He begins to sleepwalk.
(c) He becomes deathly ill.
(d) He has terrible nightmares.

9. Where do Lestat and Armand go after the ball?
(a) They go underground at the theater.
(b) They go to the Eiffel Tower.
(c) They meet Gabrielle and go back to the tower.
(d) They go hunting for fresh blood.

10. What is it that Armand insists on but Lestat scorns?
(a) Never making another vampire.
(b) Living by rules.
(c) Hunting only young mortals.
(d) Publishing a history of the vampires.

11. Where do Lestat and Gabrielle go to seek refuge from the vampires?
(a) The theater.
(b) The cathedral of Notre Dame.
(c) A bank vault.
(d) The Champs Elysee.

12. What does the older female vampire tell Armand?
(a) That he is still living in the 16th century.
(b) That he is a fool to think he knows everything.
(c) That she had predicted vampires would live among mortals.
(d) That she can see Lestat is too powerful to kill.

13. Why does Lestat dictate his letters to Gabrielle in Italian?
(a) So his father and brothers can read them, too.
(b) So only she will know what is in them.
(c) So she will think he is in school.
(d) So Nicolas will be impressed.

14. What is it that makes Lestat uneasy watching Gabrielle?
(a) When she changes her clothes.
(b) When she makes a mistake.
(c) When she climbs a wall.
(d) When she makes a kill.

15. What talent does Nicolas have that makes Lestat carried away with emotion?
(a) Playing the violin.
(b) Singing.
(c) Acting.
(d) Writing poetry.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Nicki declare about the theater?

2. Why does Gabrielle agree to become a vampire?

3. What does Lestat do with Magnus' ashes?

4. What does Armand do without Lestat's permission?

5. What does Armand's story make Lestat think?

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