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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Gabrielle's first night as a vampire like?
(a) Long as she tests out her powers.
(b) Short because she tires easily.
(c) Long because she has many questions.
(d) Dangerous as she makes her first kill.

2. What does Lestat begin to sense?
(a) The fear in animals he encounters.
(b) Vampire hunters in the area.
(c) Some people figuring out what he is.
(d) Other immortals watching him.

3. What do Gabrielle and Lestat hear as they wake up in the church?
(a) Thieves robbing the church.
(b) A mass being said.
(c) A sanctuary full of vampires.
(d) An organ playing Mozart.

4. What is Armand actually trying to do?
(a) Reach out to Lestat and Gabrielle.
(b) Learn how to live with mortals.
(c) Find the weaknesses of Gabrielle and Lestat.
(d) Alienate Lestat and Gabrielle.

5. Who made Armand a vampire?
(a) Lestat.
(b) Louis.
(c) Dracula.
(d) Marius.

6. Why does Gabrielle give gold to Lestat?
(a) So he will go to Paris with Nicolas.
(b) So he can buy her things in Paris.
(c) So he will stay home and not go to Paris.
(d) So he can buy her new books to read.

7. What causes the vampires to start dancing?
(a) Gypsie musicians outside the theater.
(b) Nicki's violin playing.
(c) News of Armand's death.
(d) A carnival in the city.

8. What does Lestat find laid out for him in the tower?
(a) A black cape and a tuxedo.
(b) Some of Nicolas' fine garments.
(c) His red cloak and a set of fine clothes.
(d) A blue velvet suit with a ruffled shirt.

9. How does Lestat leave Armand's coven?
(a) Carrying a torch to keep Armand away.
(b) Carrying Gabrielle and Nicolas.
(c) Escaping through a window.
(d) Flying like a bat.

10. What is it that Armand insists on but Lestat scorns?
(a) Never making another vampire.
(b) Publishing a history of the vampires.
(c) Living by rules.
(d) Hunting only young mortals.

11. What do Lestat and Gabrielle know about the vampires and Nicki?
(a) That they are holding him prisoner.
(b) That they do not know where Nicki is.
(c) That they have made him a vampire.
(d) That they have killed Nicki.

12. Where do Lestat and Gabrielle go to seek refuge from the vampires?
(a) The cathedral of Notre Dame.
(b) A bank vault.
(c) The Champs Elysee.
(d) The theater.

13. What do Nicolas and Lestat propose to do to spite their families?
(a) Write a novel.
(b) Burn the crops.
(c) Live together in the village.
(d) Run away to Paris.

14. Where do Lestat and Armand go after the ball?
(a) They go to the Eiffel Tower.
(b) They go underground at the theater.
(c) They go hunting for fresh blood.
(d) They meet Gabrielle and go back to the tower.

15. Why does Lestat dictate his letters to Gabrielle in Italian?
(a) So she will think he is in school.
(b) So Nicolas will be impressed.
(c) So his father and brothers can read them, too.
(d) So only she will know what is in them.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Armand want from Gabrielle and Lestat?

2. What does Lestat go to find to try and help calm Nicki down?

3. What happens to Lestat during the night in the apartment he shares with Nicolas?

4. What is it that makes Lestat uneasy watching Gabrielle?

5. What happens to the servant of Magnus who comes into the tower?

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