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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Gabrielle give gold to Lestat?
(a) So he can buy her new books to read.
(b) So he will stay home and not go to Paris.
(c) So he will go to Paris with Nicolas.
(d) So he can buy her things in Paris.

2. Where do Lestat and Armand go after the ball?
(a) They meet Gabrielle and go back to the tower.
(b) They go hunting for fresh blood.
(c) They go underground at the theater.
(d) They go to the Eiffel Tower.

3. What do Lestat and Gabrielle discover when they return the next night to the tower?
(a) Someone broke in and stole the jewels.
(b) Vampires huddled around their window.
(c) The tower has fallen to the ground.
(d) A message from other vampires.

4. Why does Lestat not kill himself in the fire when he realizes he is a vampire?
(a) The fire has burned too low.
(b) The sun is beginning to rise and he must hide.
(c) He wants to see what being a vampire is like.
(d) He does not want to die.

5. What do Nicolas and Lestat propose to do to spite their families?
(a) Run away to Paris.
(b) Live together in the village.
(c) Burn the crops.
(d) Write a novel.

6. How does Lestat learn that he can read people's minds?
(a) He hears Nicolas calling for him.
(b) He can hear his mother thinking about him.
(c) He is distrubed by the thoughts of people outside.
(d) He senses a human in the tower.

7. What does Armand do without Lestat's permission?
(a) He kills one of the mortals at the ball.
(b) He runs away with Gabrielle.
(c) He tells everyone Lestat is a vampire.
(d) He drinks from him.

8. Why does Lestat dictate his letters to Gabrielle in Italian?
(a) So she will think he is in school.
(b) So his father and brothers can read them, too.
(c) So Nicolas will be impressed.
(d) So only she will know what is in them.

9. Where does Lestat run into Armand again?
(a) At Renaud's theater.
(b) At a mortals' ball.
(c) At the tower.
(d) At Les Innocents.

10. Who goes to the theater to make excuses for Lestat's behavior?
(a) Nicki.
(b) Roget.
(c) Renaud.
(d) Gabrielle.

11. How does Lestat recognize it was a mistake to change Nicki?
(a) Nicki goes back to join the coven.
(b) Nicki's anger has made him powerful.
(c) He listenes to Gabrielle.
(d) He cannot stand the sight of him now.

12. What is Armand actually trying to do?
(a) Learn how to live with mortals.
(b) Reach out to Lestat and Gabrielle.
(c) Alienate Lestat and Gabrielle.
(d) Find the weaknesses of Gabrielle and Lestat.

13. Where does Armand take Lestat and Gabrielle?
(a) Beneath Renaud's theater.
(b) To the lair under Les Innocents cemetery.
(c) Back to the tower.
(d) Into a bat cave.

14. What does Lestat want to do when he sees his dying mother?
(a) Take her to Italy.
(b) Go out of her room and cry.
(c) Make her a vampire.
(d) Kill his father.

15. What does Lestat do onstage at the theater?
(a) A performance that frightens the audience.
(b) A repeat of his old Lelio character.
(c) Shows his fangs and drinks blood.
(d) Bites the head off a rat.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do Lestat and Gabrielle remain inside the cathedral?

2. What does Lestat go to find to try and help calm Nicki down?

3. What do all of the dead bodies in the tower have in common?

4. How do Gabrielle and Lestat frighten the worshipers?

5. What happens to Lestat during the night in the apartment he shares with Nicolas?

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