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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From where did Armand originate?
(a) In Russia.
(b) In Nepal.
(c) In China.
(d) In Turkey.

2. With which member of his family is Lestat most connected?
(a) His mother, Gabrielle.
(b) His father.
(c) His older brother.
(d) His younger brother.

3. For whom does Lestat purchase gifts?
(a) Nicolas and his brothers.
(b) The poor people of Paris.
(c) The people at the theater.
(d) His father and Nicolas' father.

4. What is The Vampire Lestat?
(a) A newspaper column.
(b) A rock band.
(c) A restaurant.
(d) One Who Must Be Kept.

5. What does Armand do without Lestat's permission?
(a) He kills one of the mortals at the ball.
(b) He runs away with Gabrielle.
(c) He drinks from him.
(d) He tells everyone Lestat is a vampire.

6. What future friend of Lestat's does he meet when a committee comes to reward his bravery?
(a) Armand.
(b) Marius.
(c) Misseur de Lenfent.
(d) Nicolas .

7. How do Gabrielle and Lestat frighten the worshipers?
(a) They open the crypt and stand up like statues.
(b) They jump out of the crypt during the mass.
(c) They make wailing sounds in the crypt.
(d) They levitate the crypt.

8. What does Nicki manage to do while Lestat is visiting Roget?
(a) Escape from Gabrielle.
(b) Find Armand and try to kill him.
(c) Join what is left of Armand's coven.
(d) Kill an innocent child.

9. Who enters the cathedral to bring them out?
(a) Magnus.
(b) Dracula.
(c) Nicolas.
(d) Armand.

10. Why do Lestat and Gabrielle remain inside the cathedral?
(a) To look at the statues.
(b) So the vampires outside cannot get to them.
(c) So they can rest for a while.
(d) To pray for rescue.

11. What happens to Lestat during the night in the apartment he shares with Nicolas?
(a) He begins to sleepwalk.
(b) He becomes deathly ill.
(c) He is snatched through the window.
(d) He has terrible nightmares.

12. What do Lestat and Gabrielle discover when they return the next night to the tower?
(a) Vampires huddled around their window.
(b) A message from other vampires.
(c) The tower has fallen to the ground.
(d) Someone broke in and stole the jewels.

13. What lie does Armand tell the remaining members of his former coven?
(a) That he has a new source of revenue.
(b) That he is sorry for killing coven members.
(c) That he has the answers they seek.
(d) That he will make amends for what he did in the past.

14. Who is the one person who is not happy to hear of Lestat's good fortune?
(a) Nicolas.
(b) Gabrielle.
(c) M. de Lioncourt.
(d) Magnus.

15. What does Lestat want to do when he sees his dying mother?
(a) Make her a vampire.
(b) Kill his father.
(c) Go out of her room and cry.
(d) Take her to Italy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lestat find laid out for him in the tower?

2. What causes the vampires to start dancing?

3. As a result of his capture, what has happened to Nicki?

4. What does Armand's story make Lestat think?

5. Where do Lestat and Gabrielle go to seek refuge from the vampires?

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