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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to cause Gabrielle to go into hysterics?
(a) Her other sons show up at the tower.
(b) Faces of vampires appear in the window.
(c) Her hair she had cut off is grown back.
(d) Lestat goes to walk with mortals.

2. What does Lestat want to do with Nicki?
(a) Make him a vampire.
(b) Teach him how to live with a vampire.
(c) Send him abroad where he will be safe.
(d) Send him to Russia to study music.

3. What does Lestat show Gabrielle the next night after she becomes a vampire?
(a) The jewels and treasure in the tower.
(b) Where to escape the tower.
(c) The way to light the tower.
(d) How to levitate.

4. Who enters the cathedral to bring them out?
(a) Dracula.
(b) Nicolas.
(c) Magnus.
(d) Armand.

5. How is Lestat transformed into a vampire?
(a) Drinking the blood of Nicolas.
(b) Drinking his own blood.
(c) Drinking the blood of Magnus.
(d) Drinking the blood of criminals.

6. Which vampire has published a tell all book about vampires?
(a) Armand.
(b) Lestat.
(c) Louis.
(d) Magnus.

7. What do Lestat and Gabrielle discover when they return the next night to the tower?
(a) A message from other vampires.
(b) Someone broke in and stole the jewels.
(c) The tower has fallen to the ground.
(d) Vampires huddled around their window.

8. What do Lestat and Nicolas call that moment of drunkenness when everything makes sense?
(a) The Shining Moment.
(b) The Lightning Moment.
(c) The Golden Moment.
(d) The Magic Moment.

9. Why does Lestat climb a wall?
(a) To look for Magnus.
(b) To see the skyline.
(c) To see Nicki.
(d) To escape the other vampires.

10. How does Nicki face Lestat after the escape from Armand's coven?
(a) Grateful for his release.
(b) Filled with anger and accusations.
(c) Curious about what has happened to Lestat.
(d) Happy to be with Lestat and Gabrielle.

11. What does Armand do without Lestat's permission?
(a) He tells everyone Lestat is a vampire.
(b) He kills one of the mortals at the ball.
(c) He drinks from him.
(d) He runs away with Gabrielle.

12. How does Magnus depart?
(a) He walks out of the tower into the sunlight.
(b) He thrusts a silver blade through his heart.
(c) He flies out of the window.
(d) He immolates himself in the fire.

13. What does Lestat defeat that makes him a local hero?
(a) Three mountain lions.
(b) A rogue vampire.
(c) Four gypsie highwaymen.
(d) Eight wolves.

14. Why does Gabrielle give gold to Lestat?
(a) So he can buy her new books to read.
(b) So he will stay home and not go to Paris.
(c) So he will go to Paris with Nicolas.
(d) So he can buy her things in Paris.

15. How is Lestat alerted to the rising sun?
(a) He hears the birds begin to sing.
(b) His skin begins to crawl.
(c) His eyes begin to burn.
(d) He hears the church bells.

Short Answer Questions

1. After seeing Nicki, where does Lestat go the next night?

2. What does Lestat go to find to try and help calm Nicki down?

3. What news does Lestat receive about his mother?

4. What does Gabrielle say is her dying wish?

5. What do Nicolas and Lestat propose to do to spite their families?

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