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Satan's Night Out/The Vampire Lestat

A rock band that Lestat hears while he is still in the earth in 1984.


This is the countryside of France where Lestat grew up and spent his mortal youth.

Les Innocents

A famous cemetery in Paris where Armand's coven of vampires lived.

Renaud's House of Thesbians

This theatre is where Lestat gets his start as an actor on the stage.

Theatre of Vampires

Formerly Renaud's House of Thesbians, it is where the Paris vampires live as a coven and earn a living.

Druid Oak Grove

This is a place in Gaul where Marius is taken to as a mortal prisoner and becomes a vampire.


Where Marius uncovers the truth about the burnt ancient vampires as well as Those Who Must Be Kept.

The Vampire Connection

These are places where vampires come together to exchange information.

The Witches' Place

This is...

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