The Vampire Lestat Character Descriptions

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A vampire who comes into immortality towards the end of the eighteenth century. He is a twenty-year-old male when he is taken from his mortal life and made a vampire.

Gabrielle de Lioncourt

Lestat's mortal mother. Just before she is about to die, Lestat makes her a vampire.

Nicholas de Lenfent

A childhood friend of Lestat who becomes close with him after Lestat kills the wolves. He is the son of a successful merchant in the town.


Although he is several hundred years old by Lestat's estimate, he has the body of a young teenage boy.


An ancient vampire who hails from Rome before he is made a vampire. Per Lestat's description of him, he has a warm expression about him which gives him a human quality, despite his age.


A three-hundred-year-old vampire who snatches Lestat from his mortal life. When Lestat drinks from...

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