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Richelle Mead
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Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Lissa angry at Rose?

2. What did Rose not find out about Vladimir?

3. Where does Dimitri find Lissa?

4. How do the events in the woods affect Lissa and Christian?

5. What does Rose do when Mason punches a boy in her defense?

Short Essay Questions

1. Over the course of this book, how have Rose and Lissa changed?

2. What happens when Rose and Christian find Lissa in the woods?

3. In Chapter 13, what is Rose's main concern about being a guardian?

4. What happens when Mason and Rose confront Jesse and Ralph at the dance?

5. Why is Lissa using compulsion on the royals?

6. What happens when Rose tries to tell Dimitri about Lissa's kidnapping?

7. In Chapter 16, what does Rose tell Lissa about her powers, and how does Lissa respond?

8. What does Rose learn from the box of books from the attic?

9. Who is behind Lissa's kidnapping, and why?

10. Describe Lissa's relationships with boys in Chapters 15 and 16.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss Rose's impatience in her training. What does she hope to accomplish? What might happen if Dimitri gives in to her impatience?

Essay Topic 2

What do the dead animals foreshadow? What do they hint at in Lissa's past? Why are they especially terrible for Lissa?

Essay Topic 3

Explain the importance of foreshadowing in Vampire Academy. Give at least five examples of foreshadowing from the text. How might this story be different without foreshadowing?

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