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Richelle Mead
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Rose not find out about Vladimir?
(a) Healing made him sick, crazy, and depressed.
(b) He used compulsion on a large scale.
(c) He killed his own father.
(d) He once tried to kill himself.

2. Why does Aaron leave Mia?
(a) He leaves her for Lissa.
(b) He catches her with another boy.
(c) He catches her with another girl.
(d) He doesn't like her anymore.

3. How does Lissa turn the royals to her side?
(a) She makes a deal with them.
(b) She tells them about Mia's behavior.
(c) She uses compulsion.
(d) She tells them about the secret plot of the Strigoi.

4. Why did Dimitri beat up his vampire father?
(a) His father beat his mother.
(b) His father beat him.
(c) His father was weak.
(d) His father turned Strigoi.

5. How do the events in the woods affect Lissa and Christian?
(a) Lissa leaves Aaron and starts dating Christian.
(b) Lissa leaves Christian and starts dating Aaron.
(c) Lissa and Christian get married.
(d) Lissa and Christian don't talk anymore.

6. Why does Rose worry about being a guardian?
(a) She is worried that it will destroy her good looks.
(b) She is worried that vampires and other dhampir will think that she is a feeder.
(c) She is worried that she will not be good enough and her vampire might die.
(d) She is worried that it will not leave her any time to study.

7. What does Mia want from Rose?
(a) She wants to be Rose's friend.
(b) She wants Rose to tell her the truth about why Lissa is in the clinic.
(c) She wants Rose to spread rumors about Aaron.
(d) She starts a fight with Rose.

8. Why does Rose not want to go to the dance?
(a) She feels ugly.
(b) She doesn't want to see Dimitri.
(c) She needs to study.
(d) She doesn't want to see Lissa.

9. What happens to Christian?
(a) He is mangled by a psi-hound.
(b) He is shot by a guardian.
(c) He falls off a cliff.
(d) He is left behind when he can not keep up with Rose.

10. How did Ms. Karp persuade Rose to run away with Lissa?
(a) She told her about the strange guardians.
(b) She threatened to tell on Rose for letting Lissa feed on her.
(c) She lied to her, telling her that she had been expelled.
(d) She used compulsion.

11. What are the conditions for Lissa's release from the clinic?
(a) She must attend counseling.
(b) She must attend counseling, take medicine for depression, and she will be under observation.
(c) She must take medicine for depression.
(d) She must go to counseling and take medicine for depression.

12. Why does Rose want Lissa to stop trying to be friends with the royals?
(a) The royals can not be trusted.
(b) It is making Lissa unhappy.
(c) Rose does not like the royals.
(d) The royals will not accept Lissa's other friends.

13. Why do Ralph and Jesse claim to have had sex with and fed on Rose?
(a) They don't like Rose.
(b) Mia threatened to kill them if they didn't.
(c) It is the truth.
(d) Mia had sex with both of them and asked them to make this claim.

14. How do the events in the woods affect Rose and Lissa?
(a) They are not affected at all.
(b) They agree not to ever speak of it again.
(c) Their friendship is fully recovered.
(d) They are driven apart.

15. How does Mason convince Rose to go with him?
(a) He invites her to an after party that Lissa will not attend.
(b) He tells her that she needs to reconcile with Lissa.
(c) He tells her not to worry what Lissa thinks.
(d) He asks her to marry him.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Rose and Lissa escape the academy?

2. What does Victor bring Rose?

3. What does Dimitri tell Rose about her hair?

4. How does Lissa react to Mia's gossip about her and Christian?

5. Who helped Vladimir through his hard times?

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