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Richelle Mead
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is causing the feelings of lust between Rose and Dimitri?
(a) Rose's bracelet.
(b) Dimitri's tattoo.
(c) Rose's necklace.
(d) Dimitri's belt.

2. Who was behind the kidnapping?
(a) Tatiana.
(b) Christian.
(c) Mia.
(d) Victor.

3. Who else shared Lissa's specialty of magic?
(a) Vladimir and Ms. Karp.
(b) Tatiana and Rose.
(c) Jesse and Christian.
(d) Anna and Dimitri.

4. Why does Rose not want to go to the dance?
(a) She doesn't want to see Lissa.
(b) She doesn't want to see Dimitri.
(c) She feels ugly.
(d) She needs to study.

5. What does the headmistress think about Rose's story that Lissa has been kidnapped by guardians?
(a) She already knows about it.
(b) She thinks it is unlikely.
(c) She believes her.
(d) She thinks that Lissa is dead.

6. Who is Mikhail?
(a) He is Ms. Karp's vampire lover.
(b) He is a Strigoi lord.
(c) He is a Moroi Lord.
(d) He is a guardian at the school, and used to be Ms. Karp's lover.

7. What is the third dead animal that Lissa finds?
(a) A catfish.
(b) A dove.
(c) A fox.
(d) A rat.

8. What is Lissa doing as she rejoins the royal clique?
(a) She is advocating for Mia.
(b) She is plotting against the queen.
(c) She is plotting against Rose.
(d) She is advocating for Rose.

9. Where does Dimitri take Lissa?
(a) Outside.
(b) To her room.
(c) To the clinic.
(d) To the chapel.

10. How does her uncle know that Lissa can heal?
(a) He assumed that since Rose lived through the car accident, and her leg healed, that Lissa must have healing powers.
(b) Victor saw her heal Rose.
(c) Christian told him.
(d) Natalie saw her heal the raven.

11. Why does Aaron leave Mia?
(a) He doesn't like her anymore.
(b) He leaves her for Lissa.
(c) He catches her with another girl.
(d) He catches her with another boy.

12. How does Lissa turn the royals to her side?
(a) She uses compulsion.
(b) She tells them about Mia's behavior.
(c) She makes a deal with them.
(d) She tells them about the secret plot of the Strigoi.

13. What did Rose not find out about Vladimir?
(a) Healing made him sick, crazy, and depressed.
(b) He killed his own father.
(c) He used compulsion on a large scale.
(d) He once tried to kill himself.

14. Why is Lissa angry at Rose?
(a) Rose kissed Aaron.
(b) Rose started rumors about Mia.
(c) Rose started rumors about Lissa.
(d) Rose told about Lissa cutting herself.

15. Why does Mason sneak Rose out of her room?
(a) Rose told him to.
(b) He wants to spend time with Rose.
(c) Dimitri told him to.
(d) Lissa told him to.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Rose do when Mason punches a boy in her defense?

2. What does Christian tell Rose after she admits that she lied about what Lissa said?

3. Why does Rose punch Mia at the dance?

4. Why is Rose worried about Lissa drinking?

5. Where do Christian and Rose find Lissa?

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