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Richelle Mead
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many Strigoi has Dimitri killed?
(a) He has killed four Strigoi.
(b) He has killed six Stigoi.
(c) He has never killed a Strigoi.
(d) He has killed several hundred Strigoi.

2. Where is the academy located?
(a) Arkansas.
(b) Montana.
(c) Virginia.
(d) Rhode Island.

3. Why do Rose and Lissa feel strange in the feeder room?
(a) Drinking other people's blood is gross.
(b) Lissa is a newly turned vampire, and has not yet acclimated to human blood.
(c) For the last two years, Lissa has fed only on Rose.
(d) Rose and Lissa both look at feeders as addicts.

4. What happens to Christian's parents?
(a) They die in a car accident.
(b) They are killed by guardians.
(c) They are killed in a drive by shooting.
(d) They die in a boating accident.

5. How does Christian feel about magic?
(a) He feels that it should be used for battle.
(b) He is afraid of it.
(c) He thinks that magic should never be used for violence.
(d) He does not like it.

6. Why do most other students not trust Christian?
(a) He is a pathological liar.
(b) He is quiet, and that makes the very social young vampires nervous.
(c) His parents were Strigoi.
(d) He is known for stealing.

7. What happened to Dimitri's vampire lord?
(a) He was killed while Dimitri was away.
(b) Nothing happened, he sent Dimitri to the academy to train more.
(c) He fell onto a wooden stake.
(d) Dimitri killed him.

8. What kind of pet does Lissa have?
(a) She has a human.
(b) She has a fish.
(c) She has a cat.
(d) She has a dog.

9. Why does the teacher give Lissa two detentions, but does nothing to Rose?
(a) Rose is already confined to her room.
(b) Rose is innocent.
(c) The teacher does not know of Rose's involvement.
(d) The teacher likes Rose better.

10. What does Christian do when Lissa tells him that Rose thinks he killed the fox?
(a) He becomes angry and storms off.
(b) He denies it, offering to hurt whoever did it.
(c) He onfesses to doing it, and tells her that he may do it again.
(d) He confesses to doing it, and apologizes.

11. How does Rose know about Lissa's nightmare?
(a) Rose has a psychic bond to Lissa.
(b) Lissa tells Rose about the nightmare in the morning.
(c) Rose can hear Lissa screaming and thrashing about.
(d) Rose used Compulsion to give Lissa the nightmare.

12. What does Rose's note say?
(a) It tells about Lissa and Christian.
(b) It tells Mia to mind her own business.
(c) It tells about Rose and Jesse making out.
(d) It tells Lissa that Christian is dangerous.

13. What happens when Rose tries to surprise attack Dimitri?
(a) He quickly turns the tables on her.
(b) She tackles him.
(c) He says that she is ready now.
(d) She beats him senseless.

14. What wakes Rose?
(a) Lissa comes into her room.
(b) A loud noise in the hall.
(c) Frightened emotions from Lissa.
(d) Dimitri wakes her.

15. What could happen if anyone else hears what Rose says about the queen?
(a) She could be tried for treason.
(b) She might start a revolution.
(c) She could be hanged.
(d) The queen might agree.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Christian notice when he grabs her arms?

2. How do Rose and Lissa get a car?

3. What does Christian do to the boy who accuses Lissa of killing the fox herself?

4. What does Rose's bodyguard teacher do?

5. Where does Lissa go to be alone?

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