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Richelle Mead
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lissa tell Christian when he asks about her secrets?
(a) She tells him all of her secrets.
(b) She tells him just enough to make him think that he knows it all.
(c) She makes up a lie.
(d) She does not tell him.

2. Where does Lissa go to be alone?
(a) She goes out into the woods.
(b) She goes to her room.
(c) She goes to the chapel attic.
(d) She goes to the bathroom.

3. What wakes Rose?
(a) Dimitri wakes her.
(b) A loud noise in the hall.
(c) Lissa comes into her room.
(d) Frightened emotions from Lissa.

4. What happened to Dimitri's vampire lord?
(a) He fell onto a wooden stake.
(b) Dimitri killed him.
(c) He was killed while Dimitri was away.
(d) Nothing happened, he sent Dimitri to the academy to train more.

5. What does Ms.Karp do when she finds Rose and Lissa drinking outside?
(a) She tells them that she won't tell on them , but they must pay her.
(b) She drinks with them.
(c) She leaves.
(d) She takes their alcohol away and leads them back to school.

6. What does Jesse think when he notices that Rose gets excited at the proximity of his fangs to her neck?
(a) He thinks it makes her look cheap.
(b) He thinks it's sexy.
(c) He figures that she had been bitten while with Lissa.
(d) He finds it unattractive.

7. Who breaks up the conflict between Mia and Rose?
(a) Dimitri.
(b) Ivan.
(c) Lissa.
(d) Natalie.

8. What gossip does Rose hear about two dhampir guardians?
(a) They were caught fighting outside.
(b) They are selling vampire secrets to the humans.
(c) They are quitting the academy to get married.
(d) They have been killed in a Strigoi attack.

9. What does Rose find special about Ms. Karp?
(a) Rose finds her attractive.
(b) Ms. Karp healed Rose.
(c) Rose thinks that Ms. Karp is really smart.
(d) Ms. Karp doesn't make Rose do as much homework.

10. What is Dimitri teaching Rose?
(a) He is teaching her to fight someone bigger and stronger than herself.
(b) He is teaching her Algebra.
(c) He is teaching her how to fight other women.
(d) He is teaching her to fight Moroi vampires.

11. What is the point of view of this novel?
(a) The point of view is subjective third person, with multiple viewpoints.
(b) The point of view is first person, told from Rose's point of view.
(c) The point of view is first person, told from Lissa's point of view.
(d) The point of view is objective third person.

12. What does Christian do to the boy who accuses Lissa of killing the fox herself?
(a) He punches him in the face.
(b) He does nothing.
(c) He uses compulsion on him to shut him up.
(d) He briefly sets him on fire.

13. Who is Ivan Zeklos?
(a) He is one of the few vampire saints.
(b) He is the headmaster of the academy.
(c) He is a powerful Strigoi lord.
(d) He is the Moroi lord that Dimitri was to protect.

14. What is a dhampir?
(a) A dhampir is a royal vampire.
(b) A dhampir is a human vampire hunter.
(c) A dhampir is half human, half vampire.
(d) A dhampir is an evil, undead vampire.

15. How does Rose react to Lissa and Christian?
(a) She tells Lissa that it is none of her business who Lissa chooses to be with.
(b) She tells Lissa that Christian is a nice guy, and that she approves.
(c) She tells Lissa that Christian belongs to her, so to stay away.
(d) She tells Lissa that she should stay away from Christian.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Rose gets the feeling that Lissa is doing something sneaky, what does she do?

2. Who is Natalie?

3. What kind of pet does Lissa have?

4. What happens when Rose tries to surprise attack Dimitri?

5. What does the queen imply about Lissa?

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