Objects & Places from Vampire Academy

Richelle Mead
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St. Vladimir's Academy

This boarding school for vampires and their dhampir guardians is located in rural Montana.

The Chapel Attic

This is where Lissa comes to be alone.

The Raven

This creature is brought back to life by Lissa.

The Fox

Mia's father leaves this creature dead in Lissa's bed.

The Book of Saints

With this, Rose discovers that she and Lissa are very similar to Anna and Vladimir.

The Box of Books

Based on the information Rose finds here, she comes to believe that St. Vladimir had powers similar to Lissa's, and that Anna was bound to Vladimir just as Rose is bound to Lissa.

Silver Stake

This is the weapon used to kill Strigoi.


These wolf-like magical animals have psychic powers that allow them to communicate as a pack.


This magical ability allows the Moroi to charm and psychically control others.

Earth, Air, Fire, and Water

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