Vampire Academy Character Descriptions

Richelle Mead
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Rosemarie (Rose) Hathaway

This teenage dhampir is studying to be the guardian of a Moroi Vampire. The vampire this character hopes to protect is the dhampir's best friend.

Vasilisa (Lissa) Drogomir

This teen vampire is the last member of her royal family.

Dimitri Belikov

This dark, brooding, and handsome guardian works at the academy. The tattoo on this guardian's neck shows six Stigoi kills.

Headmistress Ellen Kirova

This vampire is the head of the academy.

Ms. Sonya Karp

This crazy former teacher has spirit powers that allow her to heal and use compulsion.

Mr. Nagy

This character is the art teacher at the academy.


This character is Lissa's ex-boyfriend, as well as one of the royal clique of vampires at the academy.

Mia Rinaldi

This character hates Lissa, and launches a political war to destroy her reputation.

Christian Ozera

This young vampire's parents were killed by guardians...

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