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1. How did Horselover Fat try to stop Gloria from killing herself?

At the beginning of the story, Gloria phones Horselover Fat to ask if he has any sleeping pills because she needs some to overdose on. Though he has none, he hates the idea of Gloria committing suicide and tells her he has whole she can come and collect. When she finlly arrives he takes her to the beach trying to talk her out of the idea of suicide. One reason he tells her is because her death would a negative effect on himself. Only later does he realize what a stupid thing this is to say.

2. Why did Gloria eventually decide to kill herself?

It seems that Horselover Fat did manage to talk Gloria out of killing herself and not long after she checked her self into a drug rehab center called Synanon. The idea of the center was too harshly criticize their clients so they would stop forget about drugs and allow the group they were part to reshape their thoughts about life. GLoria did not take to theell and when someone criticism very well and after someone criticized her hair, she walked up to the tenth floor of the building and jumped out of the window.

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