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The center of a communication system linking all star systems in the universe, it monitors the work of three-eyed builders of civilization on Earth, including the Lamptons and Mini.

Black Iron Prison

A metaphysical institution that has, since Roman times, held everyone who has lived inside without their being aware that they are prisoners.


A journal in fact kept by science fiction writer Philip K. Dick but ascribed in this novel to his alter ego, Horselover Fat.

Marin County

Horselover Fat's Northern California home.

Nag Hammadi, Egypt

This (also referred to by its earlier Greek name, Chenoboskion) is the town in Upper Egypt where, in 1945, a major cache of Gnostic documents is found.

Orange County Mental Hospital (OCMH)

Horselover Fat is consigned here after miraculously surviving a massive overdose of drugs, wrist-slashing, and sitting in a car running in a closed garage. He claims to have...

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