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Philip K. Dick / Horselover Fat

He is told to expect letters from the Soviet Union and two days later they arrive but he fearfully refuses to answer them. Some of the information transmitted to him saves his son's life, for it reveals an overlook inguinal hernia that is successfully repaired.

Dr. Leon Stone

He offers Fat homeopathic Bach remedies to remove his major problems: helplessness, fear, and an inability to act. Fat sees him as being crazy in a good way and appreciates being talked to as a human being.

Sophia Lampton

She is raised on a vineyard in Modesto, CA, surrounded by animals and constantly monitored. VALIS himself protects her.

Eric (Mother Goose) and Linda Lampton

He is slender, has long blond hair, and wears red bell bottoms and a t-shirt that reads SAVE THE WHALES. His wife is slender and dark-haired, and wears cut-offs, a checkered...

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