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Chapter 1

• Phil tells his story about Horselover Fat.

• Gloria Knudson wants to kill herself by overdosing on sleeping pills.

• Fat starts having a nervous breakdown in 1971.
• Ignoring his psychiatrist's advice Fat fails to cease trying to help other people and taking drugs.

• Fat concocts a plan to save Gloria.

• He convinces Gloria to drive to Marin County.
• Fat attempts to persuade Gloria to move in with him.

• Gloria jumps from the tenth floor of the Synanon building where she had been receiving help.

• Fat learns that her mother had talked her into seeking help.

Chapter 2

• Stephanie befriends Fat after noticing his deteriorating mental state.

• She gives him a ceramic pot where he believes God sleeps.

• He develops an abnormal love for God who shoots him with a pink laser.
• The laser reveals an undiagnosed hernia and Fat's life is saved by the surgery to remove it.

• Fat writes...

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