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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Rachel say that Profane is too wrapped up in that will prevent him from truly loving a woman?
(a) Drugs.
(b) Alcohol.
(c) Memories.
(d) The idea of himself as a schlemihl.

2. Who are the people at the musician's home who are looking at a painting of a cheese danish and a tree?
(a) Eigenvalue, Scholom, and Tom.
(b) Benny, Paola, and Pig.
(c) Ruby, Slab, and Esther.
(d) John, Jacob, and Mary.

3. Who go to a party in Washington D.C. for the weekend in Chapter 14?
(a) Profane and Paola.
(b) Rachel and Mafia.
(c) Stencil, Profane and Pig Bodine.
(d) Paola and Pig.

4. Who is the musician and singer, has just finished his last set at a club in Chapter 10?
(a) McClintic Sphere.
(b) Benny Profane.
(c) Eigenvalue.
(d) Jason Priestley.

5. What is the horrible accident that happens to the ballerina on stage in Chapter 14?
(a) She is impaled on a wooden stake.
(b) An elephant lands on her, crushing her instantly.
(c) She falls down to her death.
(d) She is poisoned.

6. What does Rachel ask Benny Profane's help in procuring that he suggests she borrow from Winsome?
(a) An alibi.
(b) A car.
(c) A key.
(d) A shoe.

7. What does Shale Schoenmaker want to do that makes Esther angry and leave?
(a) He dates someone else.
(b) He proposes that he do more plastic surgery on her.
(c) He cheats on her.
(d) He leaves the country.

8. When Mondaugen is looking for a power source for his antennas, what or who does he find in the basement of the expatriate's house?
(a) A fridge full of marijuana.
(b) A stash of money.
(c) A chest full of diamonds.
(d) A native who has been whipped.

9. Who is Williem van Wijk?
(a) A German colonist.
(b) An engineering student.
(c) A diamond merchant.
(d) V.'s brother.

10. What does the mysterious woman who talks to the ballerina tell her about her future?
(a) That she will drive Paris mad.
(b) That she will travel the world on a boat.
(c) That she will die soon.
(d) That she will fall in love and marry a rich man.

11. When Mondaugen was in Africa, what was the project he worked on?
(a) A project involving atmospheric radio disturbances.
(b) A secret government operative.
(c) An environmental hazard program.
(d) A diamond extraction program.

12. What is the name of the expatriate that Mondaugen visits to give news of the war?
(a) Profane.
(b) Hood.
(c) Morris.
(d) Foppl.

13. What kind of building is Fausto Maijstral in that he describes in his letter?
(a) One that was bombed during World War I.
(b) One that sells cars.
(c) One that houses dead people.
(d) One with seven stories.

14. What is V's fear about the ballerina?
(a) That she will lose her strength.
(b) That her feet will give out.
(c) That she will become conceited.
(d) That she will get caught up in fame and forget her.

15. What does Winsome fear that Mafia is doing that he tells Rachel?
(a) Pornography.
(b) Stealing money.
(c) Killing people.
(d) Sleeping around.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Rachel want to know is in her apartment?

2. What does Wijk fear that Abraham Morris will do?

3. Who guesses that Esther could be pregnant?

4. When Kurt Mondaugen is stopped by a lieutenant in Chapter 9, what does the lieutenant think Mondaugen is up to?

5. Who makes love in the garage in Chapter 12?

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