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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Sir Alistair Wren?
(a) A British spy.
(b) A member of English Parliament and father of Victoria Wren.
(c) A knighted singer.
(d) The British Prime Minister.

2. Who calls Benny's name on the loudspeaker at the bus station?
(a) Paola.
(b) Pig.
(c) Mary.
(d) Rachel.

3. What are Mantissa, Cesare, and the Gaucho about to do when Mantissa has a change of heart, forcing them all to flee?
(a) Steal the painting of the Birth of Venus.
(b) Kidnap V.
(c) Break into the Venezuelan embassy.
(d) Shoot the rioters.

4. What are the two men planning to do that a third man called Gaucho disagrees with?
(a) To start a war.
(b) To kidnap the wine owner's daughter.
(c) To enter the Uffizi and steal a painting.
(d) To enter a cooking competition.

5. Which member of the Whole Sick Crew does Rachel sometimes date?
(a) Sloane.
(b) Slab.
(c) Mark.
(d) Jerry.

6. Who does Rachel live with in her apartment?
(a) Her mother.
(b) Esther and Paola Majistral.
(c) Her cat.
(d) Her boyfriend.

7. Who is Mildred?
(a) Victoria's aunt.
(b) Victoria's mother.
(c) Victoria's nemesis.
(d) Victoria's sister.

8. What is the name of the pilot who needed facial reconstruction?
(a) Evan Godolphin.
(b) Profane.
(c) Esther.
(d) Dr. Schoenmaker.

9. What does Benny give Paola at the bus station?
(a) A love letter.
(b) Rachel's address.
(c) A hug.
(d) Money.

10. Who are the members of the Whole Sick Crew?
(a) Sloane, Slab, Benny, and Rachel.
(b) Slab, Raoul, Melvin, Winsome, Charisma, and Fu.
(c) Benny, Joon, Rachel, and Paola.
(d) Pig, Benny, Rachel, Mrs. Boor.

11. In a cafe in Egypt, what does the waiter P. Aieul hear two Englishmen talk about?
(a) A coming thunderstorm.
(b) A party at the consulate that night.
(c) A dance they do not want to miss.
(d) A war.

12. Who tells V. about Vheissu?
(a) Captain Hugh.
(b) Mildred.
(c) Profane.
(d) Sir Wren.

13. What is the name of the dentist who treats Stencil?
(a) Schoenmaker.
(b) Dudley Eigenvalue.
(c) Winsome.
(d) Strangelove.

14. When the police arrive at the bar, where do Profane, Pig and Paola flee to?
(a) They climb up the fire escape.
(b) They run away to Greece.
(c) They go to an apartment of another sailor, Morris Teflon.
(d) They go to the boat.

15. Who is Porpentine?
(a) A British spy.
(b) One of the Englishmen at the cafe who is a guest at the consulate party.
(c) A fake prisoner.
(d) A lover of Victoria Wren.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Dr. Shale Schoenmaker?

2. Who does Rachel see sneaking out of the apartment in her coat?

3. When Profane stays at Pig's apartment, what does he wake up to see one night?

4. What is the name of the barmaid who brings Benny Profane a drink at the tavern in Virginia?

5. Who in New York pretends to not know anything about the person that the world adventurer is looking for?

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