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The Whole Sick Crew

This is a group of disaffected youth living in New York City who spend their time in bars.

Norfolk, Virginia

This is a seaport and the location of a naval base where Benny Profane is at the beginning of the novel.


This is a possibly mythical or real place that Captain Hugh Godolphin claims to have visited.

Sailor's Grave

This is a tavern owned by Mrs. Boffo in Norfolk, Virginia.


This is an island country where Paola is from and where Herbert Stencil was born.

The Rusty Spoon

This is a bar in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, that is popular with the Whole Sick Crew.


This is a country in Africa where V. appears as Victoria Wren.

The sewers

This area under New York City is rumored to be infested with alligators and is...

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