V Character Descriptions

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This character is mysterious, appears in various incarnations such as an inhabitant of a German colony in South Africa, has a glass eye, a sapphire navel, fake feet, and hair.

Benny Profane

This character is a former sailor without a purpose who bounces around among jobs such as an alligator hunter in New York City sewers and is consistently attracted to socialites while working in the Catskill Mountains.

Rachel Owlglass

This character is a socialite from Long Island who owns a 1954 MPG, works at an employment agency in New York City, who needs to have a purpose in life, and who dates a member of the Whole Sick Crew.

Herbert Stencil

This character is a world adventurer who travels with the sole purpose of finding a mysterious young woman.

Paola Majistral

This character gets married to come to America, works in a bar, travels to New York...

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