V Character Descriptions

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V. - This character is mysterious, appears in various incarnations such as an inhabitant of a German colony in South Africa, has a glass eye, a sapphire navel, fake feet, and hair.

Benny Profane - This character is a former sailor without a purpose who bounces around among jobs such as an alligator hunter in New York City sewers and is consistently attracted to socialites while working in the Catskill Mountains.

Rachel Owlglass - This character is a socialite from Long Island who owns a 1954 MPG, works at an employment agency in New York City, who needs to have a purpose in life, and who dates a member of the Whole Sick Crew.

Herbert Stencil - This character is a world adventurer who travels with the sole purpose of finding a mysterious young woman.

Paola Majistral - This character gets married to come to America, works in...

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