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Chapter Abstracts

* Benny Profane enters a tavern in Norfolk, Virginia called the Sailor's Grave on Christmas Eve, 1955.

* The barmaid Beatrice gives him a drink.

* Another sailor, Pig Bodine, comes in and tells him about Pappy Hod, who split up with his young wife, Paola, from Malta.

* Mrs. Boffo comes out and plays a Christmas song, but Pig stops it for suck hour.

* Profane watches, the police arrive, and Profane, Pig and Paola flee to an apartment of another sailor, Morris Teflon.

* They stay there several nights, drinking vodka and are interrupted one night by Teflon and his camera. Paola and Profane have sex.

* Profane takes the film and leaves with Paola. They leave for Norfolk and Profane stays with Pig and Paola stays with one of the barmaids.

* Profane wakes up in the middle...

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