V For Vendetta Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is the function of the voice of Fate?

The function of the voice of Fate is that he is the face of the government. He broadcasts "news" on the radio, usually just a rehash of government policies and propaganda.

2. What forbidden items does V have in his house and why is this important?

The forbidden items that V has in his house are books, music, and art that are banned by the government. These are important because they are the symbols of the culture that the government has banned - the culture that V is fighting to get back.

3. What does V do to Lewis Prothero?

V kidnaps Lewis Prothero and imprisons him in a mock-up of Larkhill, the concentration camp where V is held and experimented on. He dresses Prothero's doll collection as prisoners, and then burns them in a furnace. Prothero used to operate the furnace at Larkhill, where human bodies are burned.

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