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Shadow Gallery. - This place illegally houses everything that the government has banned.

The Head. - This is the executive branch of the government.

The Eye. - This group is in charge of using cameras to watch the public's every move.

The Ears. - This group records conversations in order to monitor people.

The Finger. - This group enforces the orders of the government.

The Nose. - This group is in charge of criminal investigations.

Jordon Tower. - This place houses the television station.

Larkhill Resettlement Camp. - This place was used to conduct experiments on human beings.

Parliament. - This place represents the state of the country before the war.

The Old Bailey. - This place used to house the court system.

Westminster Abbey. - The leader of this place uses a leadership position to promote propaganda.

Dr. Surridge's diary. - This contains information on human...

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