V For Vendetta Character Descriptions

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This character always wears a mask and works to restore freedom and justice to society.

Evey Hammond.

This character starts out as young and naive, but eventually becomes mature and responsible.

Eric Finch.

This character is an investigator and goes inside the Victoria Tube Station in order to find an important clue.

Adam Susan.

This character is the leader of England and has a mission of gaining total control over the citizens.

Conrad Heyer.

This character is a high government official who plans to lead a coup.

Derek Almond.

This character represents the Finger, and the government often uses him as a scapegoat.

Lewis Prothero.

This character is the voice and embodiment of Fate and the main presence on the television station.

Bishop Lilliman.

This character uses a position of some authority to spread propaganda, and despite supposedly high morals, has an appetite for young girls.

Rosemary Almond.

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