V For Vendetta Character Descriptions

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V. - This character always wears a mask and works to restore freedom and justice to society.

Evey Hammond. - This character starts out as young and naive, but eventually becomes mature and responsible.

Eric Finch. - This character is an investigator and goes inside the Victoria Tube Station in order to find an important clue.

Adam Susan. - This character is the leader of England and has a mission of gaining total control over the citizens.

Conrad Heyer. - This character is a high government official who plans to lead a coup.

Derek Almond. - This character represents the Finger, and the government often uses him as a scapegoat.

Lewis Prothero. - This character is the voice and embodiment of Fate and the main presence on the television station.

Bishop Lilliman. - This character uses a position of some authority to spread propaganda, and despite supposedly...

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