V For Vendetta Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter Abstracts

• V rescues Evey from some Fingermen, killing one in the process. He also bombs the Parliament building.

• The heads of government discuss how to destroy the dangerous V.

• The government has the voice of Fate (their public face) announce on the radio that the Parliament bombing was a planned demolition.

• V takes Evey to his home, which is full of forbidden art, books, and music.

• V boards a moving train and kills the man who is protecting the voice of Fate.

• Mr. Finch of the Nose is assigned to investigate V.

• Mr. Finch investigates the murder on the train and Prothero's kidnapping, and seems deeply disturbed by V's attitude toward killing.

• V makes a model of Larkhill Resettlement Camp and imprisons Prothero there.

• The reader learns that V was once a prisoner at Larkhill, in a ward where "experiments" were performed on human beings. Prothero worked there, in the part...

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