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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 3 (page 59 to page 95).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Golem mean in Hebrew?
(a) Unbroken.
(b) Unformed.
(c) Unfortunate.
(d) Unloved.

2. What kind of bear is at the end of the table?
(a) A brown bear.
(b) A sloth bear.
(c) A black bear.
(d) A grizzly bear.

3. Who is Marta toasting at four pm?
(a) Utz.
(b) The bear.
(c) Orlik.
(d) The Bolsheviks.

4. What stands at the far end of the table in Hotel Bristol?
(a) A stuffed horse.
(b) A stuffed bear.
(c) A stuffed bird.
(d) A stuffed wolf.

5. What does the blond woman throw out of the window?
(a) A sandwich.
(b) A snail.
(c) A lunch box.
(d) A chicken leg.

Short Answer Questions

1. What city are the chairs in Utz's room from?

2. What was the easiest way to get an exit visa?

3. What does Marta drink at breakfast?

4. Who does the narrator say is devoted to Utz?

5. What season does Utz say provided the happiest times?

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