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This is the city to which the narrator comes to research collectors. It is also where he first meets Utz in 1967. Utz has lived there since after World War II and dies there in 1974.

The Utz Collection of Porcelain

This is the first European porcelain invented in 1708 by Johann Friedrich Bottger on behalf of the Elector of Saxony.

No. 5 Siroka Street

This is the address of Utz's apartment, a tiny two-room flat that is a fourth-floor walk-up. It has the stale smell of rooms where art is kept and dusting is dangerous.

Ceske Krizove

This is a neo-medieval castle between Prague and Tabor, with a view from the conservatory of a magnificent sweep of the Central Bohemian countryside.

The Rudolfine Museum

This is the museum to which Utz bequeaths the Utz Collection after his death. It is a grand old edifice from the days of Franz Josef...

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