Utz Character Descriptions

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The Narrator

He initially meets with Utz to gain insight into the psychology of a collector for his writings. Later, when he is promised wealth if he finds Utz's porcelains, he goes in search of the missing collection.

Kaspar Joachim Utz

His face is forgettable, round and waxy, with narrow eyes behind steel-framed spectacles that do not hint at the man's passion. The narrator cannot remember whether he has a mustache, though he cannot imagine its presence or absence.

Dr. Vaclav Orlik

A gaunt, bearded man with a mop of wiry salt-and-pepper hair, his forehead scoured with deep furrows. He is a paleontologist who studies aspects of wooly mammoths for thirty years and has been to the Siberian tundra where they are found in permafrost.

Utz's Grandmother

She is crippled with arthritis. She is a convert to Catholicism and surrounds herself with priests who hope for money from...

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