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Joseph Mitchell (writer)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is peculiar about Philippa's family's diet?
(a) They do not eat fruit.
(b) They do not eat any homecooked meals.
(c) They eat only raw food.
(d) They eat only protein.

2. What was James Jefferson Davis Hall's occupation?
(a) Scientist.
(b) Professor.
(c) Reverend.
(d) Writer.

3. How old was Jane when she grew a full beard?
(a) 10.
(b) 22.
(c) 16.
(d) 4.

4. What did the "Old Yankee" run?
(a) A bank.
(b) A fishing bait shop.
(c) A museum.
(d) A record store.

5. What was the term James Hall believed was occurring?
(a) Religious decline.
(b) Religious growth spurt.
(c) Christian recoil.
(d) Christian landslide.

6. Under what circumstance would Mazie give the poor a ticket for free?
(a) They stopped living in front of the theater.
(b) They would buy her food.
(c) They would run errands.
(d) They cleaned up.

7. What would James Hall do to preach?
(a) Stand outside churches of other faiths to preach.
(b) Preach on the bus.
(c) Get phone numbers.
(d) Show up at random homes.

8. What occupation did Jane Barnell have?
(a) Court stenographer.
(b) Worked at The Venice.
(c) Bearded lady at a circus.
(d) Veterinarian.

9. Who claimed to be angry at people who said they were tired of noises?
(a) Frankenheim.
(b) Fitzsimmons.
(c) Smith.
(d) Sinclair.

10. Who did Daniel leave his business to when he died?
(a) His daughter.
(b) His son.
(c) His nephew.
(d) His wife.

11. Where did Mitchell meet Archie Clock?
(a) Clam beds.
(b) Cruise.
(c) Restaurant.
(d) Library.

12. Why did people make so many purchases from Barbee's shop?
(a) They believed the animals had healing powers.
(b) The animals tasted good.
(c) The animals were good pets.
(d) The animals were good at guarding other more valuable animals.

13. Who is the historian for a club for deaf people?
(a) Samuel Frankenheim.
(b) Jack Fitzsimmons.
(c) Joe Gould.
(d) Sam Smith.

14. Which person that Mitchell writes about wears a scarf to hide his or her face?
(a) Thomas O'Boyle.
(b) Jane.
(c) Mazie.
(d) Joe Gould.

15. How did the "cave dwellers" feel after they read their story?
(a) Angry.
(b) Excited.
(c) Embarrassed.
(d) Relieved.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who did Mazie cite as being helpful?

2. Who is the main personality in "The Same as Monkey Glands"?

3. What did Charles often sell?

4. Who is "Professor Sea Gull"?

5. Who is the founder of the Anti-profanity League?

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